Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell Interview, Devon Archer Admits: ‘Understanding a Regulatory Environment Means Selling Access at the End of the Day’

Tucker Carlson released an interview with Hunter Biden’s former associate Devon Archer.

Carlson started part one of the interview by asking Archer, “So you worked with Hunter Biden in a bunch of different businesses. What were the skills, the specific skills that he brought to clients?”

“Well, at the end of the day, he you know he had a career in Washington. Graduated Yale Law School and had a very big network in D.C. and brought that know-how and understanding of D.C. and ultimately the Biden brand,” Archer answered.

“The know-how. So as far as I could tell he wasn’t doing legal work and wasn’t in the counsel’s office at Burismia, right?” Carlson continued.

“No. No” Archer replied.

“So the network and the Biden Brand sounds like the kinda key component,” Carlson stated.

Archer affirmed Carlson’s analysis with, “Absolutely. Yep.”

“Do you think that he would have been in those businesses, not having a business background, without his father being in a government position?” Carlson asked.

“It’s hard to speculate in those regards. I mean, yes I think when we initially met and he talked about his advisory business, his business that needed to transition from lobbying to advisory, and the interest in private equity, it seemed, you know it seemed like a new and interesting network for us to expand our business.” Archer explained. “Whether he could have been in that position, it’s hard for me to speculate.”

“Obviously the brand of Biden you know, adds a lot of power when your dad’s vice president,” Archer stated what has been obvious to many.

“And there was a time maybe ten years ago when private equity maybe like AI now, was just one of those terms people threw around ‘I’m in private equity!’ But the mechanics, having done it coming from a business background yourself, are kind of complex.” Carlson said. “Absolutely,” Archer again affirmed.

Carlson continued to discuss Hunter’s skills in the private equity realm. Archer eventually stated, “He was the guy that was the expert in knowing the guy.” Carlson followed up Archer’s statement and asked, “He was the expert in knowing the guy. And who was the guy he knew?”

“He knew a lot of people but obviously there were some familiar you know, his brother, his father, some of his father’s siblings so he knew a lot of people. and obviously, I know you’re pointing to the father being the key relationship.”

Carlson explained he was trying to get a sense of Washington D.C., and that he believes the town is not a money town, it is about relationships.

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They continued with their discussion, and Archer cannot dismiss Hunter’s relationship with his father as the access that was desired.

You can see the full interview of part one below:

By Liam Donovan
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