Trump & Mel Gibson Meet, Vow to End Elite Pedophilia

President Donald Trump met with Mel Gibson over the weekend to discuss plans to end elite pedophilia.

Trump, Gibson, and Roger Stone discussed a strategy for bringing an end to the lucrative child sex trafficking industry in America and beyond.

The meeting at UFC 290 on Saturday night comes hot on the heels of the release of the anti-child trafficking movie Sound of Freedom.

Gibson has been a major promoter of the movie.

“One of the most disturbing problems in our world today is human trafficking and particularly the trafficking of children,” Gibson said.

UFC boss Dana White pledged, just hours earlier to pay for all of his employees to see the groundbreaking film.


The Post Millennial reports: The encounter backstage at the highly anticipated UFC event created a buzz among attendees and media.

Joined by Roger Stone, the meeting brought together three individuals known for their strong personalities and outspoken views, resulting in a captivating blend of politics, entertainment, and intrigue.

Insiders revealed that they discussed plans to end child trafficking and elite pedophilia.

President Trump emerged from backstage and made a highly visible appearance in the crowd at T-Mobile arena on Saturday night, accompanied by UFC boss Dana White.

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Trump was met with an electrifying reception from an enthusiastic crowd.

Sound of Freedom released nationwide on July 4th, made an impressive debut by topping the box office charts.

The film’s innovative pay-it-forward technology, developed by Angel Studios, contributed to its success.

Distributed by Angel Studios in the US, Sound of Freedom grossed over $14 million on its first day, surpassing other contenders like Disney’s “Indiana Jones,” which opened on June 30 and reportedly brought in $11.5 million, according to Deadline.

The movie’s unique approach to ticket sales, utilizing a patent-pending pay-it-forward model, generated an additional $2.6 million in revenue.

Sound of Freedom exceeded pre-release projections, which estimated earnings between $11 and $15 million over a six-day span, by surpassing the mark in just one day.

Sound of Freedom is based on the true story of former government agent Tim Ballard, who left his job to independently rescue children from human traffickers and pedophiles.

The film portrays Ballard’s efforts to save two children and a group of over 50 others, based on a real mission in which Ballard and his team rescued a total of 123 people, including 55 children.

Towards the end of the movie, during the credits, actor Jim Caviezel, who portrays Ballard, addresses the audience with a heartfelt message.

Caviezel acknowledges the obstacles faced by the film during production and highlights the crimes and horrors of the sex trafficking industry.

He then encourages viewers to scan a QR code that will help provide tickets to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

Neal Harmon, the CEO of Angel Studios, expressed his excitement about the movie’s success, stating, “This movie has now taken on a life of its own to become something more than that, a grassroots movement.”

Harmon emphasized the importance of word-of-mouth spreading and the support of passionate fans and investors to ensure the film reaches a wider audience.

Tim Ballard, the CEO and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, which combats human trafficking globally, serves as the inspiration behind “Sound of Freedom,” capturing the early days of the organization’s work.

The discussions between President Trump and Mel Gibson certainly add another layer of intrigue to an already eventful weekend, blending politics, entertainment, and the ongoing success of Sound of Freedom.

By Hunter Fielding
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10 months ago

It’s amazing to me that such a horrific reality is just now becoming known like this! What’s wrong with this country and world that the worst of the worst is just now really being exposed?! This is far from being a new problem! $150 billion yearly horror and people are just now waking up?? Heads have been in the sand far too long! I am more than grateful that these men and women behind the saving of children are who they are!! If ALL good people would get involved, this would stop! But people don’t want to be bothered! Don’t want to get involved! Think it’s none of their business ! Helpless children are EVERYONES BUSINESS!! Saving them are everyone’s business!! What if it were THEIR child, their family member?!? Would you not pray that someone would get involved?! This is every persons responsibility! If you feel it’s not, you’re part of the problems, not the solution! It’s heartbreaking and discouraging.

10 months ago

Mel better be careful with this new crusade, or he might wind up being blackballed again by the “tribe” who own and run Hollywood. After all, this anti-pedophile crusade, same as the pro-homo, pro-LGBTQXZY, pro-transgender mutilation, pro-miscegenation, pro-abortion, pro-FDA approval of over the counter DIY morning after abortion drugs with no age restrictions or parental consent required – every one of these agendas are part of the Final Solution to reduce and eventually eliminate the births of White babies.

Interfering with, or trying to impede that agenda, is going to anger it’s architects.

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