Trump Makes BIG Election Day Promise That Has Everyone Cheering

Former President Donald Trump recently made a significant commitment to the nation in the event of his victory in the 2024 election, while simultaneously criticizing President Joe Biden. Trump, during a campaign rally held in Green Bay, Wis., on Tuesday, pledged to establish a special day called “Christian Visibility Day” as a response to Biden’s announcement of “Transgender Day of Visibility,” which coincidentally coincided with Easter Sunday this year.

“And what the h— was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be trans visibility day?” Trump asked his supporters, Fox News reported. “Such total disrespect to Christians.”

If elected, Trump pledged that Nov. 5 will be designated as “Christian Visibility Day.”

“And on November 5th, it is going to be called something else. You know, it’s going to be called Christian Visibility Day,” Trump said to a big applause.

The Trans day is commemorated annually on March 31, as one of the various days dedicated to LGBTQ activism throughout the year. Karoline Leavitt, the national press secretary for Trump, has previously expressed her disapproval of the “Trans Day of Visibility,” considering it to be offensive and disrespectful to a majority of the nation.

In response to the backlash, the White House released a statement stating that the criticism towards Biden’s announcement was causing division.

“As a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden stands for bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American,” read the statement. “Sadly, it’s unsurprising politicians are seeking to divide and weaken our country with cruel, hateful, and dishonest rhetoric. President Biden will never abuse his faith for political purposes or for profit.”

According to reports, the official White House X platform account released a statement regarding the ‘image’ announcement. This announcement followed President Biden’s proclamation on Good Friday, urging “all Americans” to support and empower transgender individuals across the nation, while striving to eradicate gender identity-based violence and discrimination.

Biden also caused issues when the public leaned that he had banned religious-themed Easter egg designs for an annual art contest before announcing the following on Easter: “Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans-Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity.”

On Easter Sunday, Trump lambasted his opponents, especially those who are leading investigations against him:

prosecutors and judges that are doing everything possible to interfere with the presidential election of 2024, and put me in prison, including those many people that I completely & totally despise because they want to destroy America, a now failing nation, like ‘deranged’ Jack Smith, who is evil and ‘sick,’ Mrs. Fani (Fauni) Wade, who said she hardly knew the ‘special’ prosecutor, only to find that he spent years ‘loving’ her, long before the Georgia persecution of President Trump began (and thereby making the case against me null, void, and illegal!),” Trump announced.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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