Trump Issues DIRECT Challenge To Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is currently facing a fresh challenge as he has expressed his readiness to engage in a debate with former President Donald Trump.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “Crooked Joe Biden just announced that he’s willing to debate! Everyone knows he doesn’t really mean it, but in case he does, I say, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, an old expression used by Fighters.”

“I suggest Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening, or Wednesday Evening at my Rally in Michigan, a State that he is in the process of destroying with his E.V. Mandate,” he continued. “In the alternative, he’s in New York City today, although probably doesn’t know it, and so am I, stuck in one of the many Court cases that he instigated as ELECTION INTERFERENCE AGAINST A POLITICAL OPPONENT – A CONTINUING WITCH HUNT! It’s the only way he thinks he can win.”

Finally, Trump wrote, “In fact, let’s do the Debate at the Courthouse tonight – on National Television, I’ll wait around!”

On Friday, Biden participated in an interview with radio host Howard Stern, where the topic of a potential debate between the two individuals was discussed.

“I don’t know if you’re going to debate you’re opponent,” Stern said.

Biden responded, “I am, somewhere. I don’t know when.”

“I’m happy to debate him,” he added.

Speaking to Fox News Digital earlier this year, Trump insisted it is “very important to have the debates now because the country is doing so badly.”

“I would fully accept any debate, anywhere, anytime,” he added.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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23 days ago

Aint gonna happen and everyone knows it. This current chicken-shyt prez couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag without help. No contest – he’d just end up showing what a downright fool he is and I believe he has enough old withered shrunken but still kinda sparking brain cells left to know that much.

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