Trump Gets Big Court Victory After Judge Dismisses Lawsuit to Keep Him Off 2024 Ballot

Former President Donald Trump is accruing legal victories, with the latest coming from a judge appointed by President Obama. This judge, Robin Rosenberg, swiftly rejected a case that aimed to prevent the Republican frontrunner from appearing on the 2024 Florida ballot.

In a rapid dismissal, Judge Rosenberg determined that the plaintiffs did not have the legal standing to pursue the case against Trump. The case alleged that Trump violated the 14th Amendment by allegedly inciting a riot during the January 6, 2021 protests at the Capitol. Judge Rosenberg refrained from making a judgment on the merits of the argument and instead concluded that Lawrence Caplan, an attorney from Boynton Beach, and two others lacked the necessary “standing” to bring forth the challenge.

“Plaintiffs lack standing to challenge Defendant’s qualifications for seeking the Presidency,” Rosenberg wrote, adding that “the injuries alleged” from the insurrection on Capitol Hill more than two years ago “are not cognizable and not particular to them.” She added “an individual citizen does not have standing to challenge whether another individual is qualified to hold public office.”

Caplan, who refrained from commenting on Thursday’s ruling, had previously shared that he believed there were valid reasons to challenge his lawsuit. He argued that since he is not a candidate for office in Florida, he could not assert that he was personally harmed by sharing the ballot with President Trump.

Nonetheless, he contended that President Trump’s ‘clear culpability’ in exacerbating the events of January 6th should disqualify him from holding office.

“The 14th amendment is very clear that you do not need a conviction. You need to be accused and obviously there has to be a rationale for the accusation,” Caplan said at the time. “I read the amendment and I read the facts of the indictment, and they match very closely.”

The 14th Amendment was introduced as part of a series of constitutional changes during the Reconstruction era that followed the Civil War. It confers U.S. citizenship upon anyone born within the country’s borders and includes a clause ensuring “equal protection under the laws,” which was designed to prevent the resurgence of slavery.

This decision comes shortly after John Anthony Castro, a relatively unknown presidential candidate from Texas, lodged a challenge to Trump’s candidacy in New Hampshire. This challenge, similar to the one in Florida, argued that Trump did not meet the qualifications necessary to appear on the Granite State’s ballot.

John Formella, the Republican attorney general of New Hampshire, stated that he is carefully reviewing Judge Rosenberg’s ruling before providing his own assessment of the state’s challenge.

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President Trump’s popularity continues to increase after every indictment and desperate measure to keep him off the 2024 presidential ball with recent polls showing him outperforming President Joe Biden in head-to-head matchups.

By Melinda Davies
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