Trump Attorney Wants ‘Cameras in the Courtroom’ so that Americans Can See What’s Happening

Trump Attorney John Lauro was on Fox News today discussing the Jack Smith investigation as well as a possible third indictment.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins shared on Twitter some of what Lauro told Fox News. Lauro made it clear that he will be asking for “cameras in the courtroom” so that “Americans can see what’s happening.”

“Trump’s new attorney John Lauro says the first thing he will ask for are “cameras in the courtroom.” “And I would hope that the Department of Justice would join in that effort, so that we can take the curtain away and all Americans can see what’s happening.”

Collins also shared a video from the Fox segment with Lauro in which he shared, “There’s no need to appear in front of a grand jury right now. Because President Trump did nothing wrong. He’s done nothing criminal.”

Lauro continued to defend Trump. He stated again that the former president did nothing wrong by asking for a pause and requesting that the seven contested states’ results be looked into further. “I’ve never heard of anyone getting indicted for asking for an audit,” Lauro stated.

“What President Trump was looking for was the truth, was to find out exactly what happened in those seven contested states. That’s just not criminal,” he added.

This comes after Trump shared news that he received a letter this past Sunday, which requested his appearance before a grand jury in connection to January 6th.

Trump and his legal team had what they see as a win today when the trial date for the case involving classified documents was set for May of 2024. The prosecutor Jack Smith, wanted the case to start mid-December of 2023 hoping that it would be over before the primaries.

The start date of mid-May is after many of the primaries have taken place. Democrats also fear that the date could be pushed back again until after the presidential election.

Trump and his legal team are not rolling over as the seemingly endless legal drama continues. Many have speculated that it would all stop if Trump would just drop out of the race. Geraldo Rivera has suggested more than once that Biden should pardon Trump in exchange for his promise to stay out of politics going forward.

Trump isn’t having any of that and is driven to become the 47th president of the United States and fight for the American people in the view of his supporters.

By Liam Donovan
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