Trump Ally Ken Paxton Scores Big Win, Acquitted of All 16 Impeachment Charges Against Him

In a big win for the conservative movement, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been acquitted by the Texas Senate of all 16 impeachment charges against him.

The acquittal came following a two-week trial after he was impeached in the Texas House of Representatives in May by an overwhelming vote.

Paxton is an ally of former president and 2024 Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who recently defended him in a Truth Social post.

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was easily re-elected last November, but now establishment RINOS are trying to undo that Election with a shameful impeachment of him,” Trump explained.

Trump also wondered, “Who would replace Paxton, one of the TOUGHEST & BEST Attorney Generals in the Country? Could it be a Democrat, or even worse, a RINO?”

Paxton has been a thorn in the side of the Biden Administration and as we recently reported, a judge recently ruled that against the DACA program on a suit that was brought by him and 7 other AGs.

It was speculated that if Paxton was removed, George P. Bush, whom Paxton defeated on his way to a third term could be installed as the next AG of Texas.

Former Florida House Rep Anthony Sabatini declared in a post on X, “Ken Paxton exonerated America wins — The Bush Family clan has been defeated SOUNDLY.”

By Liam Donovan
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