Truckers Convoy Heads to Texas to Put a Stop to Biden’s Border Madness

U.S. Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) announced that truckers will hold a demonstration along several southern border routes to protest the wide open border and the recent Supreme Court decision that will allow Border Patrol agents to cut razor-wire fencing installed by Texas National Guard personnel.

“There will be a ‘Take Our Border Back’ multi-day trucker convoy from January 29th through February 3rd,” Self stated in a Facebook post. “Routes will end at Eagle Pass TX, Yuma AZ, and San Ysidro CA.”

The People’s Convoy was also announced in a flyer.

The convoy will be similar to protests seen in Canada, when truckers protested around government offices and border posts in protest of the country’s strict vaccination requirements.

In reaction to the demonstrations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the “Emergencies Act” to establish what amounted to Canadian martial rule. Riot police then removed the demonstrators, while leaders were arrested and their bank accounts confiscated.

A court recently ruled that Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act was unconstitutional.

Similar demonstrations have occurred throughout Europe in reaction to aggressive climate change targets, particularly in the Netherlands and Germany.

In response to the border issue, truck convoys are scheduled to meet in San Ysidro, California, Eagle Pass, Texas, and Yuma, Arizona, on February 3. A number of meet-up dates have been scheduled for the coming days, with truckers anticipated to come from as far as Jacksonville, Florida, for the rallies.

“The Biden Administration and the federal government are in of Article IV, Section IV of the U.S. Constitution,” according to an advertisement for the “Take Our Border Back Convoy.” The provision indicates that the government is in charge of safeguarding American people against an invasion.

The convoy’s objectives include educating the public about the border situation, conveying a message to local, state, and federal governments, and demanding action on deportations and border closures.

By Melinda Davies
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1 month ago

Hallelujah! Someone is doing something…
besides typing on SocMed!
Thank you, American Truckers! Maybe your actions will start a chain-reaction, and convince the bystanders to act!
We could ALL be peacefully protesting the intentional invasion of our country! Isn’t there a Federal building near you? We could all picket and make our dissatisfaction known! I’m not suggesting you glue yourself to the street like Leftist morons, but we could learn something from them. To raise awareness, action must be taken!
My purpose here isn’t to organize, it’s to thank these brave carriers of everything. America’s life-blood circulates on trucks!
Thank You, gentlemen! You’re a group the government can’t ignore!
So…next time at a Truck Stop, buy a trucker a cup of coffee, and thank ‘em for being Patriots! They are the PEOPLES ARTILLERY!
America Thanks You!

1 month ago

will any mainstream news cover this?

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