Top Study Confirms Hospitals Euthanized Patients to Boost ‘Covid Deaths’

A top study has just confirmed a report that hospitals were euthanizing patients during the pandemic in order to boost “Covid deaths.”

The study comes after medical professionals have recently started coming forward to blow the whistle by alleging they were ordered to kill patients and list the cause of the deaths as “Covid.”

Some have alleged that the policy applied to people being admitted to hospital with Covid.

However, some doctors and nurses say patients were euthanized with lethal doses of drugs, and their deaths were listed as “Covid” whether they tested positive for the virus or not.

Whistleblowers claim the plot sought to increase the official numbers for Covid death rates in order for governments and the corporate media to ramp up fears about the virus.

This fearmongering allowed globalist governments to push vaccine mandates and lockdowns onto the afraid and compliant public.

Now, a new study has just been published in the prestigious Medical & Clinical Research journal that confirms the whistleblower statements that patients were euthanized.

The paper, Excess Deaths in the United Kingdom: Midazolam and Euthanasia in the COVID-19 Pandemic, is raising some serious questions about how the UK’s National Health Service handled the disease in its early days, highlighting what appears to be a deliberate policy established by the NHS to euthanize certain groups of patients, especially those who had respiratory issues.

In the peer-reviewed study, researchers investigated a marked lagged correlation between patients who received the palliative sedative midazolam and COVID-19 excess mortality rates in some parts of the country.

Study author Wilson Sy noted that while the injections and excess deaths were highly correlated, the data is not synchronous because the medication does not take effect immediately.

Compounding this issue is the fact that there were some lags in registering deaths as well as dosage reporting.

“The very high correlation (coefficient 91 percent) between excess deaths lagged one month after Midazolam injections is largely due to the first two enormous spikes to early 2021,” he wrote.

The author expressed concerns that the NHS may have abused palliative care policies for coronavirus patients.

He added: “New guidelines were rapidly developed in early 2020 by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for managing COVID-19 symptoms, including those at the end-of-life [22].

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“The rapidly developed new guidelines effectively opened the door to implement a policy of euthanasia in UK during the pandemic.”

NICE said that they could not follow their usual process for developing guidance given the urgent nature of the pandemic.

It instructed healthcare professionals to give patients midazolam to manage breathlessness, along with morphine.

The use of morphine and midazolam in tandem has long been considered controversial in healthcare circles because of reports of abuse in palliative care.

During Hurricane Katrina, a Louisiana State University School of Medicine cancer surgeon was accused of abusing the drug combination to euthanize patients, with more than 34 people dying under the care of Dr. Anna Maria Pou under suspicious conditions.

Midazolam has also been the subject of debate over its use for lethal injections for prisoners.

In Oklahoma, a prisoner shook for several minutes and vomited after being administered the sedative during his execution, and a group of death row prisoners argued in court that the mix of drugs being used could cause such a high degree of pain that it could be considered “constitutionally intolerable.”

Sy went on to add that every regional subpopulation had a positive correlation between midazolam doses and excess deaths, which means that the effect is likely causal and not due to any significant confounding factors.

“The crime of the century”

Former UK Member of Parliament Craig Kelly called this finding “the crime of the century,” posting on X:

“If the data is correct, the only conclusion is that tens of thousands of elderly English were murdered with an injection of the end-of-life drug Midazolam.

“These deaths were then falsely blamed on Covid, which was the basis of the public fear campaigns used to justify the lockdowns and mass mandated injections of the public (including children) with an experimental medical intervention that had zero long-term safety data.”

He points to profits as the most likely motivation, adding:

“And along the way, a small group pushing the need for mass-mandated injections made billions.”

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

In their eyes…we’re just the livestock! It’s perfectly fine to maintain control over the herd.

1 month ago

Stop telling us what we already know and tell is that these killers have been arrested. Do they really think they can get away with this?

Cary Oke
Cary Oke
1 month ago

Murder is murder. These murderers have to be charged with murder and face justice for their actions.

1 month ago

Let me get this straight – not only were we in the hands of those deliberately out to kill as many as possible (over 585 million to date), but the hospitals, which we’re taught to trust and depend on, deliberately killed to increase the death numbers and thus subsequently the fear factor to market the death vax? Who can you trust today? NO ONE. Trust THAT.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago
Reply to  PithyKat

Well, that and they got more money for each one too…

Jacquelyn Sauriol
Jacquelyn Sauriol
1 month ago


Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago

Those people were not “euthanized”, they were deliberately murdered! Don’t be covering up their criminal acts! Remdesivir is a killer,and they knew it!

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