Top Senator Blows Whistle: Covid Was ‘Planned’ by ‘Very Powerful Group’

A top U.S. senator has blown the whistle on a “very powerful group of people” who “planned” the Covid pandemic.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has issued an explosive statement on live national television to warn the American people.

Johnson declared that Covid was “preplanned by an elite group of people.”

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Johnson said that “a very powerful group of people” intentionally engineered the pandemic to “take total control of our lives.”


Johnson associated this alleged plot with Event 201, which took place on October 18, 2019, just weeks before the first cases of Covid emerged in China.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted this high-level pandemic exercise in New York City.

The event outlined cooperative measures between governments, private entities, and globalist organizations in response to a major pandemic.

Its declared aim was to mitigate extensive economic and societal impacts during and post-pandemic.

“This was all pre-planned by an elite group of people,” the senator said.

“Event 201 – it occurred in late 2019, prior to the rest of us knowing about this pandemic.”

“This is very concerning in terms of what has happened, what is happening, what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom,” he continued.

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“It needs to be exposed but unfortunately, there are very few people, even in Congress, that are willing to take a look at this.”

“They all pushed the vaccine,” he added.

“They don’t want to be made aware of the fact the vaccines may have caused injuries, may have caused death.

“So many people simply don’t want to admit they were wrong and they’re going to do everything they can to make sure they’re not proven wrong.

“We’re up against a very powerful group of people here, Maria.”

Johnson commended the independent journalists for their bravery in reporting truths that challenge mainstream media narratives.

“That’s the only way this is going to be solved is we need the truth to be exposed, we need more Americans to listen to the truth, to be exposed to the truth, to pull their heads out of the hands, open their eyes and understand what’s happening to this country,” he said.

By Hunter Fielding
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8 months ago

Well well well, somebody finally woke up to what’s been going on for the last three years. And still they blame the victims. Interesting. I wonder if he recognizes the contradictions falling from his pie-hole. And btw, listening to the truth is extremely difficult when the media is in the hands of the political tyrants but even a blind person could see what’s been going on as this country is sold to the highest bidder or for the biggest bribe,

8 months ago

He ain’t lying.

S Cruishank
S Cruishank
8 months ago

He’s been holding conferences with the real experts for years now and he’s finally come out and said it on national television. He’s one of the few brave people in higher position, like Christine Anderson, to speak out against the plandemic. Anyone with half a brain could have easily found this out by the end of 21′, by doing a little digging, and it wasn’t even that hard to find. So unbelievable to me that SOOO many are oblivious to this.

8 months ago

Finally had someone speak to this “Planned Demic and HOAX, to Keep people in Fear and Lockdowns so the Corrupt Dems. could bring forth their “Mail IN Ballot Scheme, that Definitely helped their rigged 2020” There IS so much info on all this, that has been quashed by the many things they’ve done to STOP any and ALL Investigations. But, the “TRUTH WILL OUT” and though they KEEP trying to Lie about the stuff that went on…It’s ONLY Making Trump, the Greatest President who didn’t need to STEAL Money as the Dems/rino/Old Est. do, as HE ‘WAS already wealthy, paying for his OWN Campaign so he would NOT be behold’n to Any businesses Or Corruption, but he STILL DID “MAGA” something the left has BEEN DESTROYING!!!!

7 months ago

No shyt Sherlock – now, what are you going to actually DO?

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