Top Professor Blows Whistle: ‘Climate Change & Covid Are WEF Hoaxes’

A world-renowned professor has blown the whistle and warned the public that that narratives around “climate change” and the Covid pandemic are “hoaxes” that were fabricated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in order to usher the globalist agenda.

On Monday, Professor Norman Fenton joined Australian political commentator Alexandra Marshall to discuss censorship, misinformation, net zero, the farmers’ rebellion in Europe and the fracture of the “freedom movement.”

Also joining the show was the Women’s Forum Australia CEO, Rachel Wong, to discuss the petition calling on New South Wales Members of Parliament to protect women and children, and reject the anti-women, anti-children reforms being proposed including the introduction of sex self-identification, fully deregulated prostitution, removing bans on commercial surrogacy and the criminalisation or restriction of care for people struggling with gender dysphoria.

In this article, we are focussing on Prof. Fenton’s section of the show which is the first 31 minutes.  We were unable to embed the video in this article.  You can watch it HERE on ADH TV for free after entering an email address.

In 2020, Prof. Fenton showed early on that the false covid narrative was driven by flawed and easily manipulated statistics and models exaggerating the deadliness of covid and the drastic intervention methods, for example, lockdowns and “vaccines.”

“I was doing what I always did, applying the maths of probability to real-world problems, in particular … medical risk,” he told Marshall.

“To me, that was my normal work.  It was never considered to be controversial.  I never publicly declared any political stance whatsoever.”

“Because we were saying these things on Twitter, and we set up a Substack page, I was suddenly called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and a ‘spreader of misinformation’ … I was called a ‘rabid misinformation merchant’ by a fellow academic, and stuff like that,” he said.

“And from that point on, all my research papers on the subject were essentially censored and I was treated like an academic pariah.

“My Wikipedia page was hacked. I was disinvited from seminars [and] major conferences.”

Prof. Fenton believes it’s not just the “covid crisis” that is driven by a false narrative but also the “climate crisis.”

“The climate crisis, like the covid crisis, I started to say was also massively exaggerated by the use of these flawed models and statistics,” he said.

The “freedom movement” grew up around countering the official covid narrative. “For some reason that was perceived primarily as a conservative movement,” Prof. Fenton said.

“If you think about it, that was a fallacy perpetuated by the mainstream media.”

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“There certainly were and are conservatives and libertarians in that movement … who also resented the imposition of unnecessary authoritarian controls being imposed by the Globalist leftists [that] use the far-right slur against people like us and everyone else opposed to their policies.

“For many in the freedom movement, this was the first time they understood the extent to which their governments were lying to them.

“But the problem was, at the same time, many hardcore conspiracy theorists, which included many far-left and socialists, actually jumped onto the freedom movement [ ] bandwagon … most of those people weren’t there at the beginning …

“A lot of those hard leftists were actually saying, ‘we welcome lockdowns, lockdown harder and faster’ and all that sort of nonsense.

“But they convinced a lot of the new people [within the freedom movement] that everything they previously believed about the world was false.”

In recent years, the United Nations (“UN”) has been making its best impression of China’s Chairman Mao Zedong; to meddle in agriculture and centralise it. “Essentially [the UN] believes that by adding bureaucracy to farming they will make it more efficient despite that never being the case in any past centuries,” Marshall said.

“Europe, I understand, does not want to be like Sri Lanka.”

Is food security the real political fight of our lifetime?  Prof. Fenton is not sure.

“At the moment we’ve got the farmers’ protests that happened in [the Netherlands], Germany and now France.

“There’s a perception that there is a war against farmers, the inevitable result of the ‘net zero’ policy and that without farmers you don’t have any food.

“Of course, the Globalists always saw food as the ultimate means of control of the population.  If you control the food supplies then you can control the population.”

Although the farmers and their supporters are unified in the reality of “no farmers, no food,” as Prof Fenton noted there are different motivations for farmers’ protesting across the different countries in Europe.

“For example, the Dutch farmers – that was all about the ludicrous nitrogen emission targets which was leading to actual expropriation of many farms,” Prof. Fenton said.

“Whereas for the Germans, they were protesting cuts to special subsidies that they got on, for example, diesel fuel.  With the French, it’s mainly about overregulation.

“But, none of those protests, or I don’t think any of those protest leaders in those movements, actually reject the whole climate change/net zero narrative which I think is a complete scam,” he added.  “I don’t believe that any of the activists amongst the farmers are really challenging the whole net zero/climate change agenda.”

“Although we managed to break through the narrative on covid to the extent that we really did change the narrative, in particular, in regard to vaccines,” Prof. Fenton said.

“But I don’t think we’ve made any real penetration against the whole net zero/climate change agenda.”

“The mainstream media, the Globalists, have still managed to convince most of the population that anybody who really challenges the Great Reset [and] the whole net zero/climate change agenda is somehow still ‘far-right conspiracy theorists’.”

On the other hand, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are not learning from the Sri Lanka experience.

“They are doubling down; they are tripling down on [the Great Reset/net zero/climate change agenda].”

At its latest annual meeting, the World Economic Forum was focussing on “misinformation” and “disinformation” calling it the greatest threat to the future.

“They’re still pushing the climate catastrophe narrative, that completely fake narrative, they are still trying to push that as the number one threat,” Prof. Fenton said.

“But the fact that they’re raising the issue of ‘disinformation’ as almost an equal threat, they’re calling it a ‘global threat’, is incredibly interesting.”

“They know that despite their total control of mainstream media and almost all of social media, we managed to make a bit of a dent on their globalist agenda with the covid vaccines.

“The fact that they putting [disinformation] now [as] one of the top threats … I believe that is a way of signalling to us that they need to gain more control of social media to stop anti-globalist politicians winning power.”

“They are absolutely furious about [Geert] Wilders in [the Netherlands] and [Javier] Milei in Argentina,” Prof. Fenton said.

“But their ultimate nightmare is the scenario of Trump winning in November – that’s why they are absolutely doubling down on this ‘disinformation’ thing now.”

The people who have control over artificial intelligence (“AI”) are very authoritarian, Prof. Fenton said.

“The researchers getting all the funding for AI in the UK, have to follow a particular political narrative.”

Before he was censored and cancelled, Prof. Fenton was a fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

“A lot of [the Turing Institute’s] work was on these algorithms for, basically, finding and controlling information on the internet.

“You would be amazed how much funding has gone into that.  And if you want to get that funding, you basically have to show your loyalty to the official political narrative and the official woke agenda.”

“I’ve actually seen, mathematicians say they’ve had to adjust their algorithms to make them less accurate because otherwise, they’d be classified as racist or homophobic.

“If you’re not prepared to buy into that whole woke agenda and the whole Globalist narrative, you don’t get funding to do that work.

“So, the people who are doing [AI] research and controlling it, are, basically, all pushing these same agendas – they’re pushing the climate change agenda, they’re really focusing on ‘disinformation’ and controlling information [and] particularly by finding [or] determining ‘oh, it’s conservative voices are disinformation’.”

By Hunter Fielding
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22 days ago

The link to Norman Fenton’s segment of the show is now at Prof. Norman Fenton & Rachael Wong | Monday 5 February, 2023 – 2024 – ADH TV

21 days ago

Of course it is. Too many people are brainwashed (or stupid) to understand that.

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