Top Pathologist Issues Warning on ‘Grave Dangers’ of mRNA Vaccines

A world-renowned pathologist has issued a warning about the “grave dangers” of being injected with Covid mRNA vaccines.

Shocking numbers of sudden deaths and severe disease have been reported since the rollout of the COVID-19 gene-based vaccines.

Early on, several doctors and scientists warned that the COVID-19 vaccines would lead to several complications including autoimmune disease, blood clots, strokes, and more.

Additionally, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, data showed a strong correlation between the vaccines and adverse events.

But how does one determine in an individual case that the vaccine was the cause of death or the adverse event?

It is through pathology.

An early pioneer of pathological investigations into vaccine adverse events was Prof. Arne Burkhardt.

Prof. Burkhardt is a senior, highly accomplished pathologist from Germany.

Burkhardt came out of retirement in 2021 to examine the autopsy and biopsy materials of vaccinated patients.

The work of Prof. Burkhardt not only provided strong evidence of vaccine causation but also substantiated the professional medical hypotheses of doctors and scientists around the world.

Journalist Taylor Hudak interviewed Prof. Burkhardt in his laboratory in Reutlingen, Germany, shortly before his death in May 2023.

Prof. Burkhardt explains several of his findings in detail as well as which testing mechanisms he uses.

Additionally, he shares his perspectives on the public health industry and academic and medical science as well as what motivates him to do this work.


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By Hunter Fielding
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Cary Oke
Cary Oke
22 days ago

The mechanism of the MRNA vaccine was not properly researched. The nano particles that are in the vaccine had no quality control, the number of nano particles seems to be random with some shot having thousands and some many times more. Each nano particle enters a cell on the body and creates a spike protein or many spike proteins which signals to the immune system the cell is infected and the cell is killed. In some people many thousands of cells were infected and killed. Since the nano particles entered circulation the areas of damage were random from person to person. If enough heart cells were infected and killed the person could die of heart damage. This poison should never been administered to humans and the people who approved its use, and the people who prescribed it or injected it are guilty of many crimes. It is time to get Justice Officials involved in investigating this medical crime.

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