Top Investors ABANDON New York After Trump Ruling

During his recent media tour, popularly known as “Mr. Wonderful,” Kevin O’Leary, the software entrepreneur and investor, expressed his concerns about the impact of a recent ruling by New York state judge Arthur Engoron.

This ruling fined Donald Trump a staggering $350 million for a crime that was deemed imaginary, with no actual victims involved.

O’Leary, who is widely recognized for his role on the reality show “Shark Tank,” took to various news outlets including CNN, “Fox & Friends Weekend,” and Fox Business Network to emphasize the detrimental consequences this ruling will have on New York’s business prospects.

In the civil case brought forward by New York’s ambitious Democratic Attorney General, Letitia James, Trump was accused of defrauding the value of his properties while using them as collateral for business loans.

However, it is important to note that these loans were repaid, and there were no complaints from Trump’s bankers nor any victims involved.

Despite this, O’Leary believes that Judge Engoron’s ruling will severely harm New York’s future in terms of business opportunities.

The New York Democratic Party was solely progressive, while the legal system, which was evidently corrupt, aimed to silence a man for political motives unrelated to the principles of justice.

“Even the governor herself is concerned about what this looks like to investors all around the world,” O’Leary told CNN’s Laura Coates on Monday.

“It’s not just U.S. domestic. All around the world, people are talking about what happened here.

“Do you really think people want to invest money in New York after this?”

O’Leary also made the same point on Fox News, saying:

“Forget about the Trump factor,” he told “Fox & Friends Weekend,” according to Fox News.

“It’s not about that. What does this say to everybody that wants to do work in New York and wants to risk capital? …

“It’s an atrocity. It’s an embarrassment, but it’s an assault on real estate.”

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“New York was already a loser state, like California is a loser state,” he told Cavuto in a scathing summary.

“There are many loser states because of policy, high taxes, uncompetitive regulations.

“It was already at the top of being a loser state. I would never invest in New York now. And I’m not the only person saying that.”

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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J West
J West
2 months ago

Screw New York. It’s full of leftist clowns.

2 months ago

all should leave that shit hole city … leave it for the illegals ..

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