Top Doctor Warning: COVID Shot More Lethal Than Strike On Hiroshima With 30:1 Injury To Death Ratio (VIDEO)

A powerful interview with Dr. James Thorp spotlights the similarities between the COVID shot and the massive loss of life during past wars.

Dr. Thorpe says the COVID vaccine is more lethal than the nuclear strike on Hiroshima with 30:1 injury-to-death ratio.

The top doctor provided data showing that 500 million people have now been killed bu the injections.


By Kate Stephenson
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7 days ago

It should be noted about these revelations…
some of us (Purebloods) KNEW the danger, Sensed the danger long ago! When will the apologies come to those who held firm against the onslaught, who lost friends and family…because we wouldn’t OBEY? Our reward is watching those friends and kin die…a certain death, for no more than trusting those who SHOULD be trustworthy!
For future reference…if someone FORCES you to do anything…they’re not Good Guys. If you’re told “you must,” there’s a reason you won’t like!
We’ve crossed the rubicon! We can no longer trust our institutions and our “leaders!” There’s a plan underway to shape the future.
You and I are not included in that plan.
We are being made to disappear!

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