Top Doctor Exposes Sick Truth about Covid Shots

A celebrated American doctor has blown the whistle after discovering the sick truth about Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. David Martin has revealed the disturbing truth about the injections.

Martin warns that the world was duped because of one BIG lie.

It turns out that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are not vaccines after all.

Both BioNTech (Pfizer’s company) and Moderna once referred to the mRNA injections as “gene therapies.”

Now, pharma execs are laughing because they know that if they had called the shots what they were (gene therapies), nobody would have taken them.

Instead, they called it a vaccine and got away with it.

Here’s what’s even worse:

Scientific studies by 2018 indicated that pseudouridine “was known to be a cancer promoter.”

Guess what’s in the mRNA injections? Pseudouridine.

Now, young people and children are getting cancer, unlike at any other time in history.

More specifically, young people and children around the world are being wiped out by turbo cancers.

According to Martin, health officials, the media, and Big Pharma are all aware of the dangers.

The fact that they have continued to promote them only indicates that the shots are part of a global depopulation agenda.

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Here is the disturbing truth, according to Dr. David Martin:

“Ladies and gentlemen, you were injected with a thing to make you a customer of the industry [Big Pharma] that has been in the business of k*lling the world’s citizens since 1604.”



By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Yes, we know all of this. It was a bio-attack, designed to kill!
So…WHY are those responsible (for Mass Murder) still free? Why are these killers not removed from society? We know what they did!
Thanks to painfully slow (or nonexistent) justice, the next, more unsafe and effective concoction is being prepared! Where is the immediacy? Where is the outrage?
Members of our government are complicit! Lies came from every direction! They also control our media! We are kept distracted and ignorant.
A world-wide attack should spur a worldwide response. Where are the demonstrations? Where is the human outrage? When is the next, unhindered attack from the globalist Elites…who manage us like cattle?
We are too dumb to avoid the slaughterhouse!

1 month ago
Reply to  Damari

Why is our NHS still pestering us week after week to take these bioweapons, they should be prosecuted.
Allegedly they have also been caught doctoring the medical records of those who haven’t taken them to show they have, which can only be for monetary gain….something has to be done as this is fraud on a massive scale.

Last edited 1 month ago by cozmik
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