Top Doctor Apologizes for Pushing Covid Shots as Patients Drop Like Flies

A pro-vaccine doctor has issued a heartfelt apology after seeing a wave of sudden deaths among his patients that he pushed into taking Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Syafiq Nordin, a restorative medicine doctor originally from Malaysia, says his Covid-vaccinated patients have been dropping like flies.

However, Nordin says he now feels immense guilt over the epidemic because he advised those patients to take the Covid injections that killed them.

Nordin issued a heartfelt apology to his 10K followers for his role in administering Covid shots.

In a viral Facebook post, he wrote (translated to English):


1. In light of the recent news about Pfizer, a weakness in the industry, which I am part of, has been revealed.

2. I feel saddened because, before meeting Dr. Razin Jaafar, there were many mistakes in the medical advice I provided, especially concerning COVID.

3. However, I am very grateful to him because I am now more open-eyed and more enlightened about health sciences, which honestly are more natural and fitting to my soul as a medical practitioner and as a Muslim.

4. During the past COVID times, it cannot be denied that it was difficult for health care workers who strived to provide the best health services, and even more difficult for the rest of the citizens facing the lockdown.

5. The administration of the vaccine at that time was seen as the best way, and the mass vaccination program was launched very quickly.

6. I was also involved, in my capacity, in giving medical advice and obtaining ‘consent’ so that the vaccine could be administered.

7. I, as a medical practitioner, also received 3 Pfizer vaccines.

8. Everything happened in a ‘touch & go’ manner, it was impossible for me to identify whom I had given medical advice related to this issue.

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9. With this, I would like to apologize a thousand times for the mistakes I had made in the previous years, especially to those who came to me during the mass COVID-vaccination season.

10. Honestly, I am incapable of assisting financially should complications occur.

11. However, I will try my best to provide more holistic medical advice, in line with the Restorative sciences brought by Dr. Razin.

I apologize, Malaysian Citizens!

Dr. Syafiq Nordin Restorative Medicine

The comments are a must-read.

Check them out in the image below:


Mohamad Shafiq: “The best doc.. I salute the doctor for his bravery to admit it. not an easy thing. May more medical practitioners come forward and raise awareness to the people.”

Top fan Raja Intan Ris: “Sad but thanks for the open apology Dr Syafiq Nordin. Hopefully more doctors who already know about the badness of V will appear to correct the condition”

Biskut Jagung: “Thank you Doctor for the recognition And the doctor’s honesty. I was able to take mom to get her post v treatment with Doctor Razin because the vax has changed my mom’s life 360 degrees. From an active, healthy person, able to do various activities to… (See more)”

Wan Hazwani Liyana: “Alhamdulillah the best doctor…. my friend’s mother died due to covid despite being vaccinated 2x … which gap is the goodness of this V that is said to be able to prevent death … that’s why I’m weird… But at that time I was silent because one Malaysian is trusting the goodness of vaccines…. so I choose to just be a stranger … shut up and look watching around…..”

Anwar Sadat: “First time seeing Doc confessing guilty in giving advice thanks to badseen covid. Repent while still alive and apologize to the heirs and patients affected by this poisonous filth.. May Allah Taala accept your repentance…”

Nadia Rozaila: “I’m one of the victims of Pfizer who almost died.. Alhamdulillah Allah still lengthens my life.. I only want to order one thing, Al Kahfi practices it..”

Mohamed Shazni: “Congratulations doctor because doctor is man enough to admit his mistakes and apologize. Hopefully the others will also get rid of their ego and make a massive apology. Including all “religious people” yeah.”

Abu Naim: “Thank you for your sincerity, honesty and open thinking Dr. right now. May you be in the forgiveness and blessing of Allah and have a long life for the sake of the health of the nation.”

By Hunter Fielding
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26 days ago

We are many who knew from the start Covid was just an hoax and if it was really a coronavirus no “vaccine” would be “safe and efficace”. Prof. Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize laureate) was the first to warn people (March 2020) not to take any “vaccine” as it would create a sequence of unstoppable variants. He knew from the start the genome had been altered in a laboratory.
How people in the medical field can be so ignorant is beyond me.

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