Top DeSantis Supporter Reactions to Florida Governor Endorsing Donald Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suddenly dropped out of the 2024 presidential race on Sunday, leaving his supporters stunned and looking for answers.

But amidst the shock to the Republican primaries following DeSantis’ second-place Iowa caucuses showing, there was a growing consensus that now is the time to consolidate the Republican base and unite around Donald Trump.

Here are the top reactions from Ron DeSantis’ best-known and influential supporters.

“You notice that DeSantis is ‘suspending’ not ‘ending’ his campaign,” Mitchell said on X.

“Under election law, the term ‘suspend’ has no formal meaning,” his statement continued. “The Federal Election Commission still considers candidates who have suspended their campaign to be running.”

“DeSantis just gave a VERY WEAK endorsement of Trump. He said he signed a pledge to support the nominee and that ‘Trump is better than Biden’,” he added. “Hardly a full-throated endorsement.”

Bill Mitchell then went on a TEAR about a hypothetical where ‘straightforward from here’ Ron DeSantis becomes president.

“IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO,” he said. “DeSantis campaigns for Trump over the next few months. This appears to ‘heal old wounds.’ All of a sudden Trump loves DeSantis again.”

“Trump knows to win he has to unite the party. He knows that DeSantis as his VP could do that. DeSantis also knows being Trump’s VP would make him a lock for the presidency in 2008. DeSantis could run the day-to-day operations of the White House and whip Congress, something Trump hates doing,” he went on.

“Trump picks DeSantis as his VP right before the Convention. If Trump is convicted, he steps down and endorses DeSantis as the nominee,” he added. “Victory.”

Clayton Kerns of Trending Politics also grabbed a screenshot of a March post from Bill Mitchell on X presenting a different version of fantasy.

“I’ve just returned from the future,” Mitchell said. “Trump loses Iowa, NH and SC then quits the race citing health issues. Endorses DeSantis. Screenshot this.”

“Ron DeSantis is the best hope for America,” John Cardillo said. “A capable competent exec who puts substance over style.”

“Sadly, too many in the GOP can’t get past a nearly 80 yr old man who makes conservative promises his NYC Dem soul has no intention of keeping,” he added. “So here we are.”

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“Excellent and classy closing message, but I wouldn’t expect anything less by such fine people as Ron DeSantis] and Casey DeSantis,” Steve Deace said.

“A sad day for America. I’m struck by the fear we made the same mistake the currently ascendant generation has consistently made time and time again, and puts us closer than ever to losing this once exceptional country. And this time it was to bypass the most successful Republican politician so far this century, right when we needed somebody as ruthlessly efficient as DeSantis has proven to be,” he continued.

“But alas, we reap what we sow,” he added. “289 days from now, I sincerely hope I am savaged by those saying ‘I told you so’ because we won a must-win election, and Trump found a way to reinvent himself to must-win suburban voters who have rejected both him and his brand repeatedly.”

“You got your way. Good luck,” he said. “The country needs you to be right.”

“God bless Ron DeSantis and his family,” Kurt Schlichter said. “He has served his country in uniform and as a conservative leader, and he has a great future ahead of him.”

“The Republican voters have spoken and spoken clearly, and I’m proud to have supported him,” he went on. “I join his endorsement of President Trump for President in 2024.”

“In this case, America’s loss is Florida’s gain,” Dave Rubin remarked.

“God bless future President of the United States Ron DeSantis for running an issues and record campaign,” Chris Loesch said. “Everything he says in this speech is 100% on right and I endorse it. We fought hard with honor so hold your heads high, RDS supporters.”

“Vote Trump this cycle,” he added. “#DeSantis2028.”

“Class act,” Dana Loesch said. “Thank you for building a strong, modern conservative record that we can use as a basis of measure. Onward to 2024 and beyond.

Jeffrey Tucker also noted that this is problematic for those who seek accountability over the Covid pandemic response.

“Trump is the last man standing and, with that, a serious accounting for the Covid calamity is off the table completely,” he argued. “The candidate will not address it and no one around him dares mention it. And that’s how history is systematically covered up.”

Trump supporters like the account CatTurd held out a message of unity.

“DeSantis just dropped out and endorsed Trump,” CatTurd said. “Thank you for doing the right thing. Trump 2024.”

Megyn Kelly also had a hopeful message for DeSantis in 2028.

“A great leader and a class act. Hope he finds a way to try again in 2028.”

By Melinda Davies
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John Acord
John Acord
5 months ago

Ron did the right move by dropping out and endorsing Trump yet still available should the Deep State find a method of eliminating Trump. The question now is where will the DeSantis vote in NH go, I pray not to Haley who is now the Romney Bush wing’s favorite.

Last edited 5 months ago by jpacord
5 months ago

Failure in this election is likely to be fatal – to all of humanity.

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