Top Australian Official Blows Whistle: ‘Pandemic Was Planned Decades in Advance’

A top Australian official has blown the whistle and given an explosive public testimony to declare that the Covid pandemic was “planned decades in advance.”

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts has accused corporate elites of plotting the pandemic in order to advance the globalist agenda.

According to Roberts, sacrificing millions of innocent people was all part of the plan.

The so-called “pandemic” was planned and globally co-ordinated, decades in advance, he testified before the Australian Senate.

However, Robert issued a warning to the globalist elite that they will be exposed and held accountable.

“But we are going to hound you down, the people that are guilty,” he warned.

“We are going to hound you down and hold you accountable…

“We will expose your global agenda.”


Roberts has previously raised the alarm about Covid mRNA shots being pushed onto the public.

The One Nation Party senator noted that potato chips come with ingredient lists while vaccine ingredients are kept secret.

On January 13, Senator Roberts tweeted:

“How is it that vaccine ingredients are not disclosed & yet a simple packet of potato crisps in supermarket MUST have the ingredients listed by LAW?”

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Roberts is currently spearheading a cross-party inquiry into the government’s response to the pandemic, dubbed “Covid Under Question.”

By Hunter Fielding
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8 months ago

We need more brave souls like Senator Roberts. Australia was horrible toward its citizens during the height of the covid madness! We just need more eyes and ears to be aware of the TRUTH of what has been in play well before 2020. WE THE PEOPLE of the world need to also be brave and spread the word!

8 months ago

No! Really? You mean since the deliberate destruction by our government of the Twin Towers and more importantly, Bldg. #3 which housed the FBI and CIA databses in 2011 thanks to Bush to primarily get us into a Middle East war followed by the introduction of a Soros-backed muslum Obama for prez for two terms as he destroyed the inner fabric and strength of this country destroying nationalism, pride, and independence while fostering racism, hatred, and division bringing us to today, the world of defunding police, gates, fauci, CDC, FDA, CIA, FBI, CCP pharmaceutical giants, Soros (still), and Obama’s puppet – Biden, was all part of a plan? No! Really? Looks like Step 1 through Step 6 of the Marxist manifesto to me.

Gary Oraniuk
Gary Oraniuk
8 months ago

I told Craig Kelly, sitting on Senator Roberts right, almost three years ago, all about the PCR test and how it is not fit for purpose. He should then have gone and told Roberts what I said, as I had sent them all-a bunch of Senators-the same information, but it was only Kelly who phoned me. He did nothing-none of them did-even though I suggested Kelly should bring crimes against humanity charges.
These people in the Parliaments hide behind legislation, as if not getting a Bill up in the Parliament precludes them form bringing private actions and charges against the perpetrators, some of whom are in the Parliament (misrepresenting their constituents) themselves.
I also wrote to the the lot of them once, Roberts included, saying they should have some balls, or grow a pair, and get on with charging people.
They have done no such thing, so I am not sitting through five hours, here, of their ongoing crapola.
I just heard David Limbrick MP’s name: he is as useless as they come, too.

Last edited 8 months ago by Gary Oraniuk
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