Tom Emmer Suddenly Drops Out of House Speaker Race

Tom Emmer, the GOP’s pick to replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, has dropped out of the race after Donald Trump opposed his candidacy.

“It looked like he didn’t have the math… Just a few minutes ago, Emmer bolted out here with some of his colleagues, didn’t say a word to the cameras, and that’s about the time we learned that he had disclosed in the room that he was going be dropping out of the Speaker’s race.”

“He no longer saw a path. I think there was some acknowledgement that Donald Trump opposition to him was going to make this perhaps untenable.”

“Some of the opposition that started the day sort of softly opposed it, Tom Emmer was going to have a very difficult time backing out…”

Emmer has been criticized for supporting the abolition of the Electoral College, his unwavering support for Ukraine funding, defending Ilhan Omar, and vocally criticizing MAGA supporters.

Donald Trump issued a blistering statement upon learning that Emmer had become the GOP’s favored candidate to become Speaker on Tuesday.

“I have many wonderful friends trying to be Speaker of the House, and some are truly great warriors. Tom Emmer is not one of them.”

Trump added: “Voting for a globalist RINO like Tom Emmer would be a tragic mistake!”

Donald Trump’s statement can be read below.

Tuesday morning, Emmer steadily picked up support in multiple rounds of voting by secret ballot in conference and finally drew a majority votes in a fifth ballot.

As reported earlier, there were nine Republicans who offered themselves to be candidate for Speaker after the ousting of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the inability to wrangle enough votes for Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The upheaval in the Speaker’s race after the ouster of Kevin McCarthy has proven to be a nagging distraction amid many brewing national crises. The Republican Party certainly hopes to put an end to the embarrassing state of affairs and get on with the People’s business.

One option, nominating Tom Emmer for Speaker, now appears to be out.

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By Melinda Davies
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6 months ago


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