Tim Kaine Provides Cover For Joe Biden on the Border Crisis, Blames Lack of a ‘Robust Work Visa Program’ for ‘Some of the Chaos at the Border’

In an interview that aired on a news station in Virginia, U.S. Sen Tim Kaine (D-VA), who is up for re-election in November, blamed “some of the chaos at the border” on the lack of a “Robust work visa program.

Kaine also suggested that people should instead think of “workforce” when they hear about immigration, rather than “The border.”

A clip of the interview was shared on X by Breaking911 which showed reporter Felicity Taylor with CBS19 asking Kaine about the illegal immigration “border crisis.”

Kaine told Taylor, “I wish… if people when they hear immigration, I think a lot of people, the first thing they hear about is the border.”

“The first thing we should think of is workforce… national security and border issues are really important and some of the chaos at the border is because if don’t have a robust work visa program and people who are desperate for opportunities come and they’ll make an asylum claim instead,” Kaine claimed.

On Monday, Joe Biden again put the onus on legislators to come up with a solution to the border crisis, although it is unclear what measures he would be willing to enact.

Biden told reporters on Air Force One, “I’m counting on the border action happening by itself, them passing it.”

When reminded by a reporter that Congress has yet to come up with a bipartisan solution, Biden added, “Well they haven’t yet, they haven’t yet. I’m helping them.”

By Liam Donovan
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