THIS IS AMERICA: As Authorities Searched for Mass Murderer Robert Card, Gun Sales Spiked 200% in Maine

Gun sales in and around Lewiston, Maine surged by more than 200% following the tragic mass shooting that resulted in the loss of 18 lives and left over a dozen individuals injured.

Even with a shelter-in-place order enforced in Lewiston, Maine, community members pleaded with local gun shop owners to open their doors.

Based on information from Fox Business, Ryan Gagnon, a co-owner at 3 Cousins Firearms in Lewiston, mentioned, “Our sales were up, I’d say, over 200% compared to a regular Friday.”

Another gun shop owner, Tony Lewis, said that he did more business after the mass shooting than he did during the entire month.

Lewis went on to clarify why Maine residents were rushing to purchase guns, stating: “People are scared… So they want to make sure they can protect themselves.”

As reported by Fox Business:

Gun sales in the Lewiston, Maine, area spiked as much as 200% after Wednesday’s mass shooting that claimed at least 18 lives and injured 13 more, one store owner said.

“We were swamped yesterday,” Ryan Gagnon, co-owner of 3 Cousins Firearms in Lewiston and a Navy veteran, told Fox News Digital Saturday morning. “Our sales were up, I would say, over 200% compared to a typical Friday.”

They didn’t plan to open their store because of the shelter-in-place order that turned the city into a ghost town reminiscent of the COVID shutdowns. But Gagnon, whose shop about half a mile from one of the crime scenes, said they received so many messages and Facebook messages that they felt like they had to open the shop.

According to a 2022 report from Pew Research, 47% of Maine residents own guns.

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By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

your supposed to turn your guns in.
So we can control you like china or canada!!

Your Not going with the WEF program,

Joe Dyck
Joe Dyck
6 months ago

You never know when someone injected with the MRNA Gene Therapy drugs may have the Spike Proteins infecting their brain and altering their thoughts! Sort of like what WEF’s Harari was suggesting about “Hacking the Human Brain”!

6 months ago

What these meat-heads don’t seem to get is that if you’re armed while facing an armed attacker, you’re on a level playing field instead of being just another victim du jour. I’ll have a gun ready and handy rather than be dead by some loose mental case.

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