30% of Democrats Turn Against Biden, Consider Throwing Support Behind Trump

Trump now is overwhelmingly winning the generic vote for the 2024 general election.

Even 30% of Democrats are considering a vote for him.

That’s the takeaway from a recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

“Eighty percent of Republicans are likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 64% who are ‘Very Likely’ to vote for him. Perhaps surprisingly, however, 30% of Democrats also say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in next year’s presidential election. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 50% are at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 32% who say it’s ‘Very Likely’ they’ll vote for the former president next year,” Rasmussen said.

Alarmingly for the Democrats’ presidential bid, minorities are turning sharply in Trump’s favor.

“Majorities of every racial category — 53% of whites, 50% of black voters and 52% of other minorities — say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2024. Twenty-five percent of black Trump voters say they would be more likely to vote for him if he picked a black running mate,” the pollster added.

Spelling further trouble for President Joe Biden’s hypothetical re-election bid, former Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Monday announced that he was running for president as an Independent.

“The good news is that people like yourselves are finally fed up. Something is stirring in us that says it doesn’t have to be this way. People stop me everywhere — in airports, at hotels, in malls, on the street — and they remind me that this country is ready for history-making change. They are ready to reclaim their freedom, their independence,” said Kennedy.

“And that’s why I’m here today. I’m here to declare myself an independent candidate. An independent candidate for president of the United States. That’s not all. I’m here to join you in making a new declaration of independence for our entire nation.”

Prior to his announcement, Kennedy’s campaign planned to release “attack ads” against the DNC to “pave the way” for the 2024 hopeful’s party affiliation switch.

Kennedy has repeatedly split from the modern Democratic Party on his views of the Ukraine war, censorship, the COVID-19 vaccine and other issues, and criticized Biden for supporting continued aid to Ukraine in an interview with Daily Caller News Foundation co-founder Tucker Carlson.

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The RealClearPolitics (RCP) average for a 2024 national Democratic primary, based on polls conducted between Sept. 9 and Sept. 29, indicates Biden is leading the field by 50 points, followed by Kennedy at 14.9% and self-help author Marianne Williamson at 4.8%.

Some Democrats are concerned that third-party candidates could siphon off more votes from Biden than Trump.

The 2024 general election could see multiple third-party candidates, including Kennedy, Green Party candidate Cornel West, a Libertarian Party candidate and potentially a candidate for No Labels, a centrist organization that has been flirting with a ticket.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey released Thursday indicated that Kennedy would pull support from both Biden and former President Donald Trump as an independent, garnering 14% of the vote.

Trump and Biden both received 35% of the vote in a head-to-head race, but dropped to 33% and 31%, respectively, in a three-way matchup with Kennedy where 9% said they wouldn’t vote and 13% were unsure.

By Melinda Davies
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9 months ago

These ‘enlightened Democrats who KNOW that it is Not Just Biden doing all these things against America, as HE w/Dementia doesn’t know a “Vanilla cone from a Traffic Cone” and it is Obama who has BEEN running things from behind the curtains, until he NEEDS his ‘face in front of people like ALL Narcissists do! Obama put his past regime in place to “Shadow Biden to keep him On Script, like Susan Rice; A.G. Holder and Former Dir. of CIA, John Brennen are also in the W. House, by Obama and others….they used Biden (familiar face to people) to Shove over the threshold to “Keep the Seat Warm, until they get “RID OF HIM, and replace him w/Mooch, who is equally as Racist as Obama, but we see the Same Obama’s Agenda put forth by Biden, JUST AS HE’s TOLD HE BETTER DO, or Obama who knows the ‘Biden Crime Family was operating get’s the blackmail they will see/hear by Obama….so he Must read his notes of what to say/do-or ELSE!

William Flyer
William Flyer
9 months ago
Reply to  ItsJo

Biden is like the Manchurian candidate. He signs what his leftist handlers put on his desk and reads what they put on his teleprompter. And they probably sit him down and convince his deteriorating mind to say and do the things they want him to do.

9 months ago

There are still 60% total Morons among the demoncrat party then?

Yes, Yes there are

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