The Senate Blocks Democrats’ New Proposal to Fund Ukraine and Illegal Immigration

All 49 Republican senators joined forces to defeat the Democrats’ 2024 election-year plan to expedite, expand, and conceal the influx of millions of illegal immigrants.

The Democratic funding proposal needed 60 votes to initiate a floor debate, but it faced a deadlock with a 50-50 vote. The plan is expected to resurface in January.

In an attempt to pressure the GOP, Democrats linked the $14 billion designated for migration to a spending package aligned with causes supported by GOP leadership, including $61 billion for Ukraine and an additional $14 billion for Israel.

Despite expressing support for military aid, Republican senators blocked the package due to the inclusion of migration funding.

“Tonight is a sad night in the history of the Senate and in our country,” Sen. Chuck Schumer lamented.

“If Republicans in the Senate do not get serious very soon about a national security package, Vladimir Putin is going to walk right through Ukraine and right through Europe … Western democracy will begin to enter an age of decline, if we aren’t willing to defend it,” he continued.

“The question before us is simple: Will senators rise to defend Western democracy, protect our fundamental values, and support our friends abroad fighting for their lives?” Schumer claimed before the vote.

He attempted to overcome GOP resistance and influence media coverage by hiding the planned, government-funded expansion of illegal migration:

“This is a moment history will record. The answer to all these questions should be an emphatic yes. At stake is America’s safety, the survival of democracy, and the future of the war on Ukraine. As we’ve always done in our history, the Senate should rush to the defense of democracy and stand up to autocratic brutes … Vladimir Putin is watching closely to see if the Senate will approve [aid] to Ukraine. Whether or not we approve an aid package will likely sway the outcome of the war.”

However, all GOP senators, even those in favor of migration for business reasons, voted against the Democrats’ plan. Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Mitt Romney (R-UT), despite supporting Biden’s pro-migration border chief, opposed the proposal.

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By Hunter Fielding
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