Texas Governor is Building Another Wall, This Time with New Mexico

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided that the more walls, the merrier.

The Lone Star State is not only fortifying its defenses against millions of illegal migrants pouring over the southern border, it is now building a wall with neighboring state New Mexico, where the governor claims more unauthorized migrants are crossing into Texas.

Texas is now building the border wall along the state boundary with New Mexico.

This week, members of the Texas National Guard constructed a barb wire barrier in El Paso.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Gov. Greg Abbott stated, “Migrants are entering New Mexico illegally then crossing into Texas. We are stopping it.”

After crossing the international border in New Mexico, these migrants frequently enter Texas, which can be just a few yards away in some instances.

As soon as the migrants enter the Lone Star State, they are in West El Paso, the affluent sixth largest metropolis in Texas.

Human traffickers provide illegal immigrants with rendezvous points in places like Topgolf, a luxurious driving range less than five miles from the US-Mexico border, so they can board a getaway vehicle.

This is leading to more and more high-speed pursuits in El Paso as authorities attempt to intercept smugglers and illegal immigrants.

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In addition to unauthorized migrants from Latin America, thousands of “special interest aliens” from Middle Eastern countries have been apprehended by Border Patrol agents attempting to illegally cross the U.S. southern border over the past two years, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

Border patrol agents encountered 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan, 3,153 nationals from Egypt, 659 nationals from Iran, and 538 nationals from Syria between October 2021 and October 2023.

In addition, agents encountered 12,624 Uzbeks, 30,830 Turks, 1,613 Pakistanis, 164 Lebanese, 185 Jordanians, 123 Iraqis, and 15,594 Mauritanians.

Special Interest Aliens are foreign nationals from countries identified by the U.S. government as fostering or protecting terrorism or posing a potential hazard to national security.

These figures do not include CBP’s Office of Field Operations encounters at ports of entry. It also does not include the numbers who have snuck past agents without detections — sources claim there have been over 1.5 million such “gotaways” during the Biden administration.

During FY 2023, 151 individuals on the FBI’s terror watchlist were encountered at the southern frontier between ports of entry, more than in the previous six years combined.

By Melinda Davies
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