Succession Star Brian Cox Claims ‘Christians Are Stupid,’ Calls Bible ‘One of the Worst Books Ever’

Recently, Brian Cox, aged 77 and known for his role in Succession, referred to Christians as “stupid” and characterized the Bible as one of the “worst books ever.”

During an interview on The Starting Line Podcast, the actor asserted that religion holds humanity back “considerably” and argued that “It’s belief systems which are outside ourselves.”

“We’re not dealing with who we are, we’re dealing well… if God says this and God does that, and you go, ‘Well, what is God?’ We created that idea of God and we’ve created it as a control issue, and it’s also a patriarchal issue,” Cox said.

“That’s how it started, and it’s essentially patriarchal. We haven’t given enough scope to the matriarchy and I think we need to move matriarchally. We have to go more towards the matriarchy because the mothering thing is the thing which is the real conditioning of our lives,” he continued.

“Our fathers don’t condition ourselves, they’re too bloody selfish,” Cox opined.

“But our mothers have to because they have an umbilical… you know, that’s what the umbilical cord is about. Even though it’s cut away, there’s an umbilical relationship to your child. And women have that. Men do not have that. They’re just sperm banks; movable sperm banks,” he added.


“I mean, the propaganda goes right the way back… the Bible is one of the worst books ever. For me, from my point of view,” the Succession star declared, as he proceeded to elaborate, “Because it starts with the idea that Adam’s rib, you know, that out of Adam’s rib this woman was created — and they’ll believe it because they’re stupid enough.” Cox said.

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Agreeing with the interviewer, who brings up that people need to believe in the Bible, Cox explains, “They need it but they don’t need to be told lies. They need some kind of truth and that is not the truth. It is not the truth, it’s a mythology.”

Later in the interview Cox touched on the concept of God, claiming, “Look at Gaza, you look at what’s happening there, you look at the appalling thing that’s happening there and you know they’ll sort it out but it’s never going to go away because of belief systems.”

“Belief systems which don’t serve,” he continued. “They don’t serve equanimity — you know, Muslim, Jew — it’s all about this notion of God. The idea that there’s a God that takes care of us all. There’s no such thing. Doesn’t happen. That’s not what it’s about.”

“It’s about us, and we don’t examine ourselves nearly enough,” Cox argued. “We don’t look at who we are. We’re always looking outside of ourselves instead of looking inside ourselves.”

In Hollywood, there’s a consistent display of contempt, and often downright hatred of regular folks.


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