Sports Journalist Who Wrote ‘Black Face’ Hit Piece on 9-Year-Old Chiefs Fan is Now Unemployed

There’s a heart-warming ending to Deadspin’s famously failed story of a 9-year-old kid who was caught wearing “black face” at a Chiefs game (obviously just team-colored face paint.)

The writer, Carron J. Phillips, is now unemployed. Gregg Re, former head writer for Tucker Carlson, shared the good news.

“Carron J Phillips, who defamed a child for wearing face paint, is now unemployed after the collapse of Deadspin,” Re noted, adding, “to appeal to future employers, he lists ‘pulitzer nominee’ on his bio. [B]eing a ‘pulitzer nominee’ means nothing except that you paid a $75 free to be considered.”

“Carron J Phillips made his name for defaming a child, but even before that, he regularly defamed white people as racists,” Re continued. “[H]e typically targeted athletes in order to technically fit within deadspin’s mandate of sports coverage.”

It’s a positive development for journalism — including sports journalism — to see Woke smear merchants like Phillips have to seek alternative employment. With any luck, he will have learned his lesson that weaponizing political narratives to attack innocent citizens is not what journalism is about.

After the report, Phillips deleted his tweet after initially doubling down.

“After defaming a little boy, Carron Philips has finally deleted the deranged tweet where he doubled down,” the popular X account End Wokeness posted. “He must’ve lawyered up.”

The Deadspin story remained posted on X; however, it was also deleted after being Community-Noted into infamy.

Conservative pundits blasted Deadspin after looking into the Deadspin hit piece.

Here’s the backstory: During CBS’ broadcast of a Kansas City Chiefs game, the camera caught a glimpse of a young fan wearing a Native American headdress. It only showed the right half of his face, which was painted black.

Instead of doing more research, Woke sports media sites like Deadspin accused the kid of wearing “Black face,” a demeaning form of mockery of African-Americans popular in the 1930s, and have since failed to retract their accusations despite the abundance of known facts flying in the face of their half-baked narrative.

The main problem is that left side of the child’s face was painted red, plainly repping Chiefs colors, while the other half was painted black.

Any thinking person knows that this would not be “Black face”; in addition, wearing a Native American headdress has nothing to do with “Black face.” It flat-out makes no sense.

“Deadspin published a hit piece on a little kid for wearing face paint of his team colors,” the popular X account End Wokeness remarked. “They even used a camera angle to make it look like he was wearing blackface. I hope he sues them into oblivion.”

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It would be bad enough just to write an attack piece on a child while pushing an ignorant political agenda, but the writer of the piece, Carron J. Phillips, even doubled down.

Libs of TikTok remarked on the situation:

“Shame on you trying to ruin a young child’s life. Hope he sues you for defamation,” she said.

“How soon they forget,” Syzmon Thomas said, while referring to Nicholas Sandmann, who prevailed in his defamation lawsuits against the corporate media. “I hope the parents sue.”

The Deadspin hit piece was inexcusable. Let’s hope Woke journalists think twice before writing half-cocked pieces attacking children again.

By Melinda Davies
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