‘Smoking Gun Evidence’ Shows Covid Shots Are ‘Designed to Kill’

A leading American attorney has presented “smoking gun evidence” showing that Covid mRNA shots were “designed to kill” as many people as possible.

Attorney Thomas Renz uncovered bombshell evidence that appears to prove that the injections were developed as a depopulation “weapon.”

Renz reviewed the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) ‘Guidance for Industry’ documents and discovered what he believes is “smoking gun evidence” of pre-meditated murder.

“There’s no other conclusion that I can draw … This is the smoking gun evidence that proves they knew that the gene therapy products they masqueraded as ‘vaccines’ had the ability to shed, cause cancer and kill,” he said.

Tom Renz became well known early on during the Covid era for leading federal lawsuits in six US states that challenged shutdowns, mask mandates and the safety of vaccines. He works through the law firm ‘Renz Law’ and regularly publishes articles on his Substack page titled ‘Tom Renz’s Newsletter’.

In an article yesterday, Renz began by explaining that the covid vaccines are not vaccines. “It’s critical that people understand that the covid-19 injections are gene therapy,” he wrote.

He then led his readers through proof that US authorities knew that recipients of covid injections might shed onto others, including those who did not consent to being vaccinated.

Renz then demonstrated how they knew that these injections would cause cancer in 2006, as confirmed by a 2023 study on people with so-called “long covid.”

As if their criminality was not enough, Renz highlighted a science paper that showed their proposed solution to the problem they had created – the cancer caused by covid injections – is another gene therapy product whose recipients also have the potential to shed causing illness in others.

“This shows conspiracy,” Renz concluded.

Renz has been warning the public for some time that the so-called “vaccines” are actually gene therapy products.

Big Pharma and global governments knew these gene therapy products could cause cancer, even years after the injection, Renz wrote.

A document published, again, by the FDA, HHS and CBER in 2006 showed that gene therapy products carry the risk of adverse effects on normal cell function, which could be delayed for months or years, and integration of genetic material into recipients’ genomes:

Malignant transformation” is the process by which cells acquire the properties of cancer.  In other words, when cells are converted into cancer cells.

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The fact-checkers will tell you until they’re blue in the face that the injections do not affect or change your DNA, Renz wrote. “Clearly, that is false.”

In addition to the above, Renz pointed to a 2023 study which analysed the cellular DNA of people suffering from “long covid.”

The authors found genes uniquely specific to the Pfizer covid BNT162b2 “vaccine” in participants’ blood cells. “Their findings prove that mRNA covid vaccines permanently integrate into the DNA of some covid-vaccinated people,” he said.  He continued:

“Simply put, the regulatory agencies knew that these products could integrate into the host genome, cause cancer (malignant transformation), autoimmune disorders and adverse events years after the fact. Also, consider that even when these products do not integrate into the genome, the continual exposure due to the shedding (discussed above) may increase the risk of cancer.”

The Covid Injections are Designed to Kill

These injections are designed as killing machines and were distributed knowing that they would shed and kill people, Renz wrote.

“They created a gene therapy product, marketed it as a ‘vaccine’ then schemed, coerced, bribed and lied to get it into as many arms as possible.”

“They knew it could cause cancer – years after injection – and now that there is an epidemic of cancer, amazingly they have a ‘solution’ ready to go,” he added.

And “their solution is another gene therapy product that sheds!”

As proof, he highlighted a paper published in the journal Nature Cancer Gene Therapy in 2015 which stated:

This is beyond lack of informed consent, Renz wrote.

“This shows a conspiracy.”

By Hunter Fielding
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5 months ago

Some of us knew from the beginning! We were the ones who were independent enough to not line up for mass euthanasia! We were the ones who suffered the slings and arrows of the hordes of obedient ones who turned on us!
Most who die from this “population control” scheme will deny the cause to their deathbeds. Murder by government is too hard to accept! Death by poor judgement will be denied…to the end.
There is only one thing left to be done. The victims can’t change their fate, and the unvaccinated certainly won’t decide at this point to get the JAB. It is over. Now, humanity must purge itself of the monsters responsible for this global nightmare! They haven’t finished!
We know who they are! They TELL US! Their arrogance will not subside. They believe ruling the Earth is their destiny!
They will not stop. They are ordained to oversee life!
The actions of the Elites were beyond legal, or moral. Things can’t be OK with them alive! The LAW isn’t the answer. The Oligarchs own the law!
Out of self-preservation, the perpetrators of this nightmare must be stopped. Eliminated. It won’t be an army. It will be determined, individual humans. Morally, it’s not wrong to destroy that which will most certainly destroy you.
Justice will be carried out by God’s disciples, one at a time, as opportunity presents itself, removing the biggest threats humanity has ever faced. Men who think they’re Gods.
Them or us.

Joe Dyck
Joe Dyck
5 months ago

Actually I think that the experimental MRNA injections that people were coerced into taking caused adverse reactions etc. but this was only “Collateral Damage”. The real objective was to give them a Lobotomy. Don’t think so? Harare of WEF infamy stated in some of his speeches that they now had the technology to “Hack the Human Brain”. This injection wrapped the MRNA in Lipid Nanoparticles which can penetrate anywhere in the human body, apparently including the “blood brain barrier”.

5 months ago
Reply to  Joe Dyck

I think both effects were intentional.

One of the things that made the “kill shot” theory unsatisfying is that the people who would remain after all the deaths…. Is US. I.e., everyone smart enough to say no to experimental jabs.

But I wonder if that’s actually part of the plan? Kill everyone who is dumb enough to take the jab and humanity instantly evolves?

5 months ago
Reply to  somebody

No way to “they” intend to evolve humaniy to greater consiciousness when they’ve been spending decades dumbing us down.

5 months ago

People were warned. Those calling their bluff were ridiculed and shut out. Hard to have sympathy for fools. Even today Liberal Idiots still defend their poisoners.

Last edited 5 months ago by Kpowell
5 months ago

We want news-not history, now prosecute all those responsible for crimes against humanity.

Last edited 5 months ago by cozmik
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