Smoking Gun Evidence Proves Covid Genetically Engineered as Bioweapon

Smoking gun evidence has emerged that finally provides irrefutable proof that COVID-19 was genetically engineered in a lab as a bioweapon designed to depopulate the Earth.

After more than three years, the piece of incontrovertible incriminating evidence shows that Covid was created in a laboratory and not “from a pangolin courting a bat.”

Emily Kopp from the nonprofit public health research group The US Right to Know just obtained additional details about the “Defuse” proposal that is “far more than a smoking gun.

In fact, it is more analogous to finding the gun, fingerprint, and confession note in one place, writer Kevin McKernan, who goes by the name Anandamide on Substack, wrote.

According to McKernan, Kopp found evidence that the said proposal on “Defusing the Threat of Bat-borne Coronaviruses” led by the EcoHealth Alliance, in cooperation with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIH) and others, requesting $14,209,245, listed the very restriction enzyme (BsmBI) that molecular immunologist Valentin Bruttel and his co-authors claimed could build the virus in “Endonuclease Fingerprint indicates a synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2.”

Not only did Bruttel et al. notice that BsmBI sites were conveniently evenly spaced throughout the viral genome and this spacing was not only not observed in other coronaviruses, but that this approach made complete sense as a logical path to manually assembling the genome.

The said proposal was reported to actually contain NEB R0580S part numbers to order these very enzymes to construct the virus in the manner Bruttel et al. predicted.

“This is a case-closed event!” McKernan announced in his newsletter.

“There is no more debate.

“C19 [COVID-19] was made in a lab.

“Which lab and when is still a hot topic.”

He also cited a thread on X, where Nick Hudson, chairman of Panda, a multidisciplinary organization with a mission to uphold open science, summed up the real story with the most clarity.

“Congrats to Bruttel et al,” McKernan said as part of his conclusion.

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“You have been vindicated and hopefully, your work manifests in some accountability for this cover-up.

“Now that we know it is lab-made, the next question is by who, when and how was it disseminated?

“Was it a simple employee infection or something more deliberate and nefarious?”

And for those asking if viruses can spread around the world, he said yes, they can and they do every year with traditional coronaviruses:

“They spread very well COVID-19 may have happened six months before December 2019.

“The synchronicity reported by Rancourt et al. is merely the qPCR pipeline being turned on to find it everywhere once pandemic declarations demanded everyone pay attention to it.

“The jurisdictional segregation of PCR positivity could be the result of many iatrogenic confounders from testing frequency to hospital protocols.”

In the Hill’s “Rising,” it was reported that the scientist at the center of the lab leak, WIH Senior Scientist Shi Zhengli passed a security screening to visit the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) staffers, including its Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance’s Dr. Peter Daszak back in June 2017.

Zhengli gave a presentation about the novel coronaviruses and the meeting was arranged by EcoHealth Alliance, as per Kopp’s report.

Kopp also discussed the most notable takeaway during Fauci’s two-day, closed-door testimony at the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, which included his admission that the lab leak theory is not a conspiracy theory.

This contrasts with many of his other public statements as well as some virologists’ in the previous years.

“He also said ‘I don’t recall’ 100 times, of course, this follows him saying ‘I don’t recall’ nearly 200 times in another sworn testimony in 2022 before the Attorneys General,” Kopp said of the live interview.

She further tackled her report on the grant proposal proposed by the EcoHealth Alliance, an intermediary between the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and WIH to the Pentagon, saying that it intended to do research in the United States under a relatively rigorous biosafety level.

However, she said that notes she obtained on earlier drafts showed that this was a lie.

“It was meant to mislead the U.S. government into thinking that the research would be more safe than it really was and they in fact intended to do it in Wuhan at a lower biosafety level in which respirator masks are not required and ventilation conditions are not as rigorous, essentially to save on costs,” she further revealed.

“But they wanted to make the grantmakers ‘more comfortable’ so they misled them in their grant application.”

By Hunter Fielding
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4 months ago

If you haven’t reached the conclusion that covid was developed in the Wuhan Lab you sorry to say are not playing with a full deck. Plus you have a lot of company in this world today!!!!!

J West
J West
4 months ago

First rule of business …. DON’T KILL YOUR CUSTOMERS

4 months ago

We know this. Blah, Blah, Blah! Whoopie! So what?
We know the COVID VAX was a population thinner from the beginning! What confuses the hell out of us is WHY aren’t the perpetrators BEHIND BARS!?! From Fauci to the WEF, to the WHO, the PLOT IS STILL UNDERWAY! VAX is still encouraged on TV!
Globalist Elites describe, in detail, their plan to eliminate most humans! How does the Pretender in the WH react? They send John Kerry to the meetings! Yes, America’s infiltrators are onboard…participating…and FINANCING our destruction!
I ask again…WHY are the Globalist/Communist MONSTERS STILL ROAMING FREE?
Don’t wait for the (in)justice department to save you. They’re part of the scheme! Consider the imposters PART OF THE SCHEME!

4 months ago
Reply to  ;^)

all to true ..

4 months ago

How many smoking guns do they need before they’ll put this lot behnd bars?

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