Six Candidates Remain After First Round of Secret Ballot Votes for House Speaker

The secret ballot vote for a new House Speaker is underway. And there is somewhat of a surprise shaking out of the field.

The GOP Ballot for Speaker cast in the first round were as follows:

  • Tom Emmer: 78
  • Mike Johnson: 34
  • Byron Donalds: 29
  • Kevin Hern: 27
  • Austin Scott: 18
  • Jack Bergman: 16
  • Pete Sessions: 8

In an update, Sessions was dropped after the first ballot, according to Capitol Hill reporter Mitchell Miller.

“Six candidates remain in the GOP race for House Speaker. TX Rep. Pete Sessions was dropped after the first ballot, getting the least number of votes,” he reported.

Elise Stefanik, a Republican congresswoman from New York, discussed the conference for the secret ballot vote for Speaker.

“Today at 9 am, I will gavel in the House GOP Organizing Conference for the purpose of electing a Speaker. Each candidate will be nominated by one colleague,” Stefanik said. “Votes will be cast by secret ballot with the candidate with the lowest vote total dropped from each subsequent secret ballot. We will vote until one candidate receives a majority of the votes cast.”

As reported earlier, there were nine Republicans who offered themselves to be candidate for Speaker after the ousting of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the inability to wrangle enough votes for Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The upheaval in the Speaker’s race after the ouster of Kevin McCarthy has proven to be a nagging distraction amid many brewing national crises. The Republican Party certainly hopes to put an end to the embarrassing state of affairs and get on with the People’s business.

By Melinda Davies
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