Seymour Hersh: Ukraine ‘War’ Is ‘All Lies’ – ‘Russia Won’

World-renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claims to have uncovered one of the biggest cover-ups in human history.

Hersh has declared that the Ukraine war is “all lies” over and that “Russia has won.”

According to the award-winning reporter, Western elites are running a propaganda campaign to convince the public to keep funding the “war effort” despite the war having long ended.

Hersh warns that President Joe Biden’s administration is leading the disinformation campaign to keep taxpayer-funded aid flowing to the corrupt nation.

Citing an unnamed intelligence source during his Thursday Substack report, Hersh said:

“There is no Ukrainian offensive anymore, but the White House and the American media have to keep the lie going.”

A US intelligence official told veteran journalist Hersh that the proxy conflict with Russia in Ukraine is a lost cause.

The award-winning investigative reporter wrote on his blog that “significant elements in the American intelligence community” assess that the “demoralized Ukraine Army has given up on the possibility of overcoming the heavily mined three-tier Russian defense lines.”

One anonymous official said the fighting only continues “because Zelensky insists that it must.”

“There is no discussion in his headquarters or in the Biden White House of a ceasefire and no interest in talks that could lead to an end to the slaughter,” Hersh wrote.

Kiev and Washington claim Ukraine’s NATO-armed and trained forces are making steady progress.

But almost four months after the launch of the offensive on June 4, they have advanced only a few kilometers on two narrow axes, capturing a handful of abandoned and ruined villages — at the cost of more than 71,000 casualties and hundreds of tanks and artillery guns.

“It’s all lies,” the source said.

“There were some early Ukrainian penetrations in the opening days of the June offensive, and the Russians retreated to sucker them in.

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“And they all got killed.”

He revealed that “major elements” of Kiev’s forces had “virtually canceled the offensive” — an assessment borne out by a recent fall in Russian Ministry of Defense reports of casualties inflicted on Ukrainian assault groups on the main southern fronts around Rabotino in Zaporozhye and south of Vremevka in Donetsk.

The intelligence agent said US President Joe Biden had been foolish to arm Ukraine and lay the ground for the conflict, knowing that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be forced to respond militarily.

“The war is over. Russia has won,” the official told Hersh.

“There is no Ukrainian offensive anymore, but the White House and the American media have to keep the lie going.

“The truth is if the Ukrainian Army is ordered to continue the offensive, the army would mutiny.

“The soldiers aren’t willing to die anymore, but this doesn’t fit the B.S. that is being authored by the Biden White House.”

By Hunter Fielding
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7 months ago

Tell me one thing that’s come out of the WH that HASN’T been a lie and I’ll bet it was. Zero respect/zero admiration/zero patriotism/zero confidence/zero trust.

7 months ago
Reply to  Pithykat

I agree with your assessment of Joe Biden, but I believe he has been way behind the curve on supporting Ukraine. We must not fall into the Liberal mindset that nothing comes from the other side. I’m 90% behind Donald Trump and 10% behind Biden. Just like my broken clock that tells the right time twice a day.

7 months ago

Highly recommend Hersh’s book, ‘The Dark Side of Camelot’, concerning the Kennedy administration. Thorough. Well written. Spoiler alert: We’ve been sold a myth.

7 months ago

Ukraine has been nothing else than a huge laundromat. Corruption, black market and money laundering has brought the EU, the US and Canada to the edge of bankruptcy.
Biden, Trudeau, von der Leyen, Zelensky as well as other European leaders should be trialed for treason by the ICC and hanged.

John Acord
John Acord
7 months ago

Hersh is confirming what qualified military analysts have been stating for months. I suggest watching the Tucker Carlson interview with Col Douglas MacGregor on Rumble or YouTube. Col . Macgregor confirms exactly what Hersh states.It’s no secret

7 months ago

So the war rages on with people dying and you are the only one with this opinion.
Surely Putin/Russia would be crowing from the rooftops it it were true, yet the silence is palpable.
I would love to see even a little bit of proof.

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