Senator Dianne Feinstein Has Been Hospitalized After Tripping and Falling in San Francisco

Senator Dianne Feinstein was hospitalized after a fall at her residence in San Francisco, according to multiple sources. The extent of her injuries remains unclear, but she was reportedly discharged from the hospital the same evening.

The 90-year-old Senator has faced health challenges in the recent past, being absent from the Senate for nearly three months due to conditions like shingles, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, and encephalitis.

Upon her return, she seemed to have memory discrepancies, asserting to a journalist that she hadn’t been absent. There were also instances where she seemed disoriented during some Senate hearings.

Both Democratic and Republican circles have discussed, with varying degrees of openness, the possibility of her stepping down.

Senator Feinstein has granted power of attorney to her daughter, Katherine Feinstein, who is 66 years old. This move, as reported by the New York Times on Thursday, is partly to assist in legal disputes surrounding the estate of Feinstein’s late husband, Richard Blum.

One such dispute sees Katherine, Feinstein’s only child, in disagreement with Blum’s three daughters regarding the ownership of a luxury beach house, a property owned by Senator Feinstein.

In another lawsuit, the two sides are contesting Richard Blum’s life insurance. Senator Feinstein asserts she requires this to meet her escalating medical expenses, as per The Times.

Having represented California for over three decades, Feinstein announced earlier this year that she will not be running for re-election in 2024. There have been reports from several colleagues suggesting that her cognitive sharpness has waned over time.

During a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing last week, the former mayor of San Francisco needed repeated prompts from a fellow senator to voice her “aye” vote on the $831.781 billion Defense Appropriations Bill.

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In February, Feinstein was admitted to the hospital due to complications from shingles. Afterward, she spent two months recuperating at her San Francisco residence.

By Melinda Davies
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9 months ago

She needs to trip and fall off the planet.

9 months ago

Don’t tell me this is what’s running America nowadays. We accept these geriatric wrecks in the Capitol as well as in the White House.A disgrace for the country.

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