School Cancels In-Person Classes Because of COVID Cases in Kentucky

This week, a school district in Kentucky had to cancel in-person classes because of cases of COVID, the flu, and strep throat.

The Lee County School District has been in session for less than two weeks, and they already have to cancel classes.

Are we experiencing another replay of 2020?

As reported by NBC News:

Less than two weeks into the school year, a Kentucky school district has canceled in-person classes for the rest of the week after nearly a fifth of its students came down with Covid, strep throat, the flu and other illnesses.

The Lee County School District, which has just under 900 students, began classes Aug. 9 but noticed attendance drop to about 82% on Friday, Superintendent Earl Ray Schuler said.

By Monday, the rate dipped to 81%, and 14 staff members called in sick, Schuler said.

The district canceled classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and will shift to remote learning on Thursday and Friday. Extracurricular activities, including sports practices and games, have been canceled through the week to allow for a deep clean of the schools, Schuler said.

“We’re sanitizing our buses and our buildings and giving our staff and our students time to heal,” he said.

It’s not happening in Kentucky only.

A school district in South Texas, located right outside San Antonio, has temporarily shut down due to a surge in Covid cases.

Looks like election season is here, as Covid mask mandates and lockdowns are gradually making a return.

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By Hunter Fielding
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