Rudy Giuliani: Jack Smith’s Trump Indictment Eviscerates First Amendment and Criminalizes Questioning Election Results

In what came as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, the Biden DOJ has now indicted former President Donald Trump in relation to January 6th.

“Today’s indictment eviscerates the First Amendment and criminalizes the ruling regime’s number one political opponent for daring to ask questions about the 2020 election results.”

Former Republican Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani shared his thoughts on prosecutor Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump.

Giuliani also shared a link to his podcast America’s Mayor Live: “Bidenistas Indict President Trump For Exercising His Free Speech Rights”

While this was an anticipated possibility, to many it feels like a gut punch.

To many, it feels as though Trump has been targeted for daring to run again.

This indictment comes years after January 6th and in the midst of Trump’s campaign for president.

Jesse Watters read over the indictment during “The Five” mocking it for what he saw was the ridiculousness of it all.

Trump has already said he won’t stop his pursuit to get back in The White House and his fight for the American people.

While Biden’s DOJ continues to go after him he will continue on.

By Liam Donovan
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8 months ago

The Left is deathly afraid of Trump because they know that when he gets back in ….. they’re dead ….. literally. And I want the hangings televised.

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