Ron DeSantis Compared to Liz Cheney on X After Whining to Megyn Kelly About Donald Trump’s J6 Response

Ron DeSantis has taken on what some see as liberal or RINO talking points about January 6th and Donald Trump. In his interview with Megyn Kelly, DeSantis was called out for echoing “RINO” Liz Cheney when asked what more Trump could have done on January 6th.

Kelly asked DeSantis, “You’ve said Trump should have done more on January 6. Like What?”

DeSantis then deflects and doesn’t answer the actual question but instead points the finger at Trump’s children with, “…even his own kids were texting, saying he needs to do more.”

Alex Bruesewitz shared the video adding, “I didn’t have Rob DeSantis turning into a feminine version of Liz Cheney on my bingo card but here we are… I can’t believe he and his shills are using January 6th committee talking points to attack Trump now.”

DeSantis’s call for Trump to have done more on January 6th is seen by some as just lip service to his donors, as he can’t even answer what more Trump should or could have done. This is just one example of the many hyperboles he espouses on the campaign trail.

Below is a clip of DeSantis failing to answer how he would end the war in Ukraine after declaring he will do so if elected.

Tucker Carlson hit DeSantis with a hypothetical question about if he inherited the war in Ukraine and it was where it is today and “what then”?

DeSantis again deflected and instead stated that “Europe needs to do more.” He then went further off-topic and rambled about NATO countries not fulfilling their agreements, and did not address Ukraine at all.

DC Draino points out the obvious, “Americans are DONE w/endless foreign wars & the politicians that perpetuate them for profit.”

DeSantis flopped once again in an interview, failing to address direct questions, and appearing to be afraid to say something that would conflict with his donors’ wishes. DeSantis’ donors aren’t very happy with his performance in the polls though. The DeSantis campaign has now “rebooted” after only a few short months and fired over 1/3rd of its staff.

The moves and the polling aren’t good indications for the DeSantis camp. As Larry Hogan put it the campaign is “one of the worst”.

By Liam Donovan
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