Ron DeSantis Campaign Appears to be Imploding as Support Consolidates Around Donald Trump for 2024

Donald Trump posted to Truth Social about Ron DeSantis’s Fourth of July campaigning in New Hampshire:

“Ron DeSanctimonious is getting absolutely “demolished” for yesterday’s performance in New Hampshire. No crowds, no enthusiasm, no interest. His Campaign is in total disarray. He’s hurting himself very badly for 2028. See, loyalty does matter with Patriots!”

Many on Twitter also took notice of DeSantis’s campaign in New Hampshire.

Alex Bruesewitz shared contrasting pictures of Trump’s campaign and DeSantis’s. Trump is speaking in front of a massive crowd while DeSantis has a small gathering behind him as he walks in a parade.

“MAGA vs Jeb Bush 2.0 I’ll take MAGA.”

‘Johnny Maga’ shared an image of Trump and an image of DeSantis both in the rain asking, “Which way, maga man?”

While Trump opted not to campaign on the Fourth of July, many of his supporters in Iowa gathered to show their support for Trump in Fourth of July Parades.

“THANK YOU, IOWA!” Team Trump shared.

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‘Meme TV’ shared videos clipped together of Ron DeSantis captioned: “Why is Ron DeSantis so f****** weird….he’s a jerk.”

Ray Loewe noted, “Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis was in two parades in New Hampshire yesterday trying to connect with voters. The problem for him is that as he tries to connect with people, they find out that who is is doesn’t fit with his narrative. Like his parade march yesterday, DeSantis is all wet.”

DeSantis decided to march in two New Hampshire parades on July 4th amid what Florida Politics called his poll plunge. The article points out that DeSantis has dropped 10 points in New Hampshire polls since April.

Donald Trump has maintained his lead since his announcement even while the field becomes more crowded. He currently sits at a 30 average lead in the polls.

It seems things are working backward for DeSantis while Trump continues to lead.

By Liam Donovan
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