Research on COVID Vaccine Harms Emerges in Medical Journals, Breaking Taboos

A shift has begun in scientific research and publication surrounding the origin of COVID-19 and vaccine injuries.

Initial claims made by well-known scientists, such as Kristian Andersen and Peter Daszak dismissed the possibility of the virus being engineered or leaked from a lab. These claims were published in prestigious journals like Nature Medicine and The Lancet, leading to the exclusion of alternative theories and the labeling of dissenting voices as conspiracy theorists.

However, recent developments suggest a change in the scientific community’s approach.

A publication of a paper by Japanese scientists in Cureus, a peer-reviewed medical journal, which concludes that excess deaths in Japan were mainly due to vaccination rather than COVID-19 infection. This publication is seen as a breakthrough since it addresses a once-taboo subject.

Additionally, the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (IJBM), owned by Elsevier, published a paper linking a key ingredient in COVID-19 mRNA vaccines with cancer development.

These positive developments indicate a shift in the tide, with more scientists challenging accepted narratives and seeking the truth. Additionally, a New York Times article that acknowledges the seriousness of COVID vaccine injuries and quotes former FDA acting commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock admitting failures in addressing these concerns. T

It remains to be seen whether or not The Lancet and Nature Medicine will retract the controversial articles by Andersen and Daszak, respectively, and when they will begin publishing research on COVID vaccine injuries.

Despite these lingering issues, scientific discourse is moving towards a more open and balanced approach.

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By Kate Stephenson
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