Representative Adam Schiff Claims ‘Trump Has No Appreciation for Any Religious Belief, He Is All About Division and Hate’

On Wednesday, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated during an interview on CNN’s “News Central” that former President Donald Trump has “no appreciation” for any religious beliefs.

Anchor John Berman began: “Donald Trump weighed in on Jews who vote for Democrats. He said, they hate their religion and should be ashamed of themselves.”

Then he asked Rep. Adam Schiff: “Donald Trump, who is not Jewish, telling Jewish people how to be Jewish, what’s your reaction to that?”

Schiff replied: “Well, only to someone who has no appreciation for really any religion, any religious group, or any religious belief could make a statement like that. He’s the last person in the world I would certainly turn to for instruction about what it means to be Jewish.”

“It’s a bigoted statement. It’s a stupid statement. It is all at the same time so par for the course for Donald Trump. But he probably doesn’t realize and doesn’t care how deeply offensive it is to Jewish people,” Schiff continued.

“This is just who he is. Quite antithetical to my own Jewish faith which is centered around doing things to try to mend and bring the world together, he is all about division and hate, and that is certainly nothing to do with the Jewish religion,” he added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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