Adam Schiff Claims Fulton County DA Was Correct in Indicting Trump; Criticizes Federal Prosecutors for Taking ‘So Long’

Adam Schiff: ‘Georgia Fully Within Its Rights to Move Forward Because the Federal Government Took So Long’

On Tuesday, Representative Adam Schiff stated during an appearance on CNN’s “The Source” that he believes Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis was correct in indicting former President Donald Trump.

He argued that federal prosecutors took “so long.”

“I was listening to your discussion with Governor Hutchinson, and I certainly agree that in general local prosecutors will often defer to federal prosecutors, sometimes because the federal government has more resources to bear, sometimes because the penalties are stiffer,” Schiff said.

“But here I have to say Georgia was fully within its rights to move forward because the federal government took so long,” he added.

“In many respects not only was the Congress ahead of the Justice Department in its investigation for a long time but so was Georgia,” he stated.

“And now it’s true the Feds ultimately sought the indictment first but having put all of that effort in, I can see why Georgia prosecutors wanted to bring it before the grand jury. There were serious violations of Georgia law,” he concluded.

“It still may be, though, that Georgia ultimately says hey, special counsel, you go first, we don’t want to have any conflict, you know, in terms of scheduling witnesses, testimony, et cetera. I still wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case provided that the federal judge keeps that case on track,” Schiff later added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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9 months ago

I don’t care what just fell from his pie-hole, he had a facelift!!! Why, he’s almost tolerable (and human looking) now…

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