Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Doesn’t Hold Back: ‘The Department of Justice Has to Bring Charges Against Joe Biden — This Is Complete Evidence of a Crime’

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called on President Joe Biden to resign following the House Oversight Committee’s disclosure of evidence showing he received a $200,000 payment from his brother, James Biden, an act that Greene labeled as ‘money laundering.’

“We finally have direct evidence of money laundering,” she stated. “It was a $200,000 check made out to Joe Biden, directly from Jim Biden, on the exact same day that Jim Biden had received $200,000 from a foreign investment.”

“He should resign,” Greene, a member of the committee, said. “If he doesn’t resign, he should be impeached, but also, the Department of Justice has to bring charges against them. This is complete evidence of a crime.”

“And we’ve only gotten started; this is just the first shred of evidence, of direct evidence, to Joe Biden that we’re producing, and I’m telling you, there’s a lot more to come,” she continued.

Greene labeled the $200,000 transfer as “elaborate,” yet she observed that the Bidens aren’t “much more advanced than any normal petty criminal.”

“The money laundering scheme is the same type of money laundering scheme that many people have been put in jail for. What you do is you basically buy a company that’s going bankrupt, or invest in a company that’s going bankrupt, to save the company, and then you run money through it — through criminal enterprises,” she said.

“In this case, that was selling out Joe Biden’s power and influence, and they received — it’s going to be hundreds of millions of dollars; it’s going to be a lot of money,” she added.

Up to this point, the committee has unearthed that the Bidens’ business pulled in a whopping $20 million.

“They received millions and millions of dollars through these companies and then paid themselves out of it. And they paid it to Joe Biden, calling it a loan repayment,” Greene said.

“Well, that is, that’s a common way to hide — hide money and hide payments. This is an easy case that any IRS investigator could easily and very quickly uncover and reveal. He should be indicted. He should be … going to jail,” she concluded.

On Friday, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, made a public revelation that Joe Biden personally received funds from his family’s international business ventures, despite denying any connection to the business on at least nine occasions.

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By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Good luck with that, there is No justice in the justice dept. It’s just a protection Racket!!!

William G Munson
William G Munson
6 months ago

You Know I have always said for to make a million you have to have a invention that everyone needs or Beat people or Companies out of Money Period

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