Red States Received ‘Deadly Batches’ of Covid Shots, Study Finds

Researchers are now raising the alarm after uncovering evidence that “deadly batches” of Covid vaccines were sent to states that have more Republican voters.

The study, published in the world-renowned JAMA medical journal, found that Democrat-voting states received batches of vaccines that were less likely to cause side effects.

However, states that voted for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election received batches that were more likely to trigger heart failure, turbo cancer, strokes, blood clots, and other potentially fatal adverse events.

The study found that states with a higher percentage of Republican voters are seeing more reports of sudden deaths and adverse side effects caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

The researchers, from the Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, analyzed official government data on sudden deaths, adverse events, and voter affiliation.

They looked at 620,456 vaccine adverse events reported to the CDC’s federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) from adults 18 and older.

Researchers separately looked for three outcomes:

  • Rates of adverse events among vaccine recipients
  • Rates of any severe adverse effects among this group
  • The proportion of adverse events reported as severe.

They found that a 10 percent increase in state-level Republican voting was linked to increased odds of adverse event reports.

This relationship between political inclination and reports of adverse events was comparatively not seen when it came to flu vaccines.

Some limitations were noted, however.

Vaccine recipients could file more than one report so each report was not necessarily from a unique individual.

One strength of the analysis that was noted was how the results remained the same across different statistical modeling.

“The association between observation and belief runs both ways,” the study concluded.

“The adage ‘seeing is believing’ recognizes that our individual experiences inform our sense of truth, and ‘believing is seeing’ recognizes that our preconceptions modulate what we experience in the first place.”

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Like all immunizations, the COVID-19 vaccines do carry some potential side effects.

A multi-country study published in February affirmed an increased association between coronavirus vaccinations and side effects like Guillain-Barré syndrome, myocarditis, and pericarditis.

The researchers in this study, however, noted that these conditions were more likely to occur among the vaccinated.

By Hunter Fielding
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18 days ago

Cart before the horse?

Democrat states are far more likely to COVER UP BAD EFFECTS OF JAB. That’s why there’s more reports of bad side effects in Republican states.

18 days ago

People! C’mon! When are we going to recognize THE TRUTH?
COVID was a TARGETED bio-weapon ATTACK on Patriots (in the US)! A criminal act, if ever there was one. Millions killed and maimed…at the guvmint’s insistence! Remember the pressure to take the JAB? It was all nonsense, designed to lure the world into a trap!
The fact is…distribution of the doses was based upon ideology! Premeditated mass murder!
And we know exactly who the participants were in this great, global conspiracy! Second generation NAZIs leading the WEF, the WHO/UN, Bill Gates, Fauci and EVERY DOCTOR that administered the poison for money! Let’s not forget the Marxist mainstream media, the willing salesmen who delivered us to the execution!
All should be tried for this monumental attack on humanity! All should be permanently prevented from their genocidal, evil aspirations…to “thin the herd” and Rule the World.
Every one of us should be mad as hell!

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