Radical Leftists Storm Kevin McCarthy’s Office, Conservatives Demand J6-Style ‘Insurrection’ Charges

Activists took over Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) office on Capitol Hill earlier Monday.

The activists occupying the Speaker’s office demanded a 5-year reauthorization of PEPFAR.

PEPFAR is a United States governmental initiative started by George W. Bush to address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and funding for the initiative could end October 1st.

X user Alice Miranda Ollstein shared videos of the protesters:

“BREAKING: Activists are occupying @SpeakerMcCarthy’s office demanding a full 5 year reauthorization of PEPFAR, which some Rs are opposing.”

“.@housingworks and @HealthGAP demonstrators are about to be arrested”


Ollstein shared:

“6 activists are being arrested by Capitol Police, lined up against the wall and handcuffed”

“They’re being marched out in zip ties, still chanting “pass PEPFAR now””



Some have called for the protesters to be treated the same way January 6th prisoners have been treated.

Collin Rugg stated:

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“BREAKING: Far-left activists have stormed U.S. Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office. A very sad day for Democracy… will they be thrown in prison for years on end for this? The radical activists stormed McCarthy’s office to riot in favor of a 5 year reauthorization of PEPFAR, a program that addresses the HIV/AIDS epidemic. When Democrats do this, they are “occupying.” If Trump supporters do this, they are “traitors.”



J.R. Franklin proclaimed:

“They better get 22+ years in prison, no bail, in piss poor conditions, just like The January 6 prisoners.”



End Wokeness asked:

“LGBTQ activists stormed Kevin McCarthy’s office at the Capitol today Will they get the J/6 treatment (raids, pre-trial detentions, bank accounts shut down, 22 years in prison)?”

X user shawler replied:

“The people are expecting words of condemnation from @TeamPelosi @BarackObama @HillaryClinton @CNN The FBI should charge them to court &The Department of Justice should make sure they end up in prison. This is another version of January 6 (J6) protest. Attack on McCarthy’s office”



Many see the treatment of those who have been arrested for entering the Capitol on January 6 as a horrendous overreach. Some are now asking for similar treatment to be applied to leftist protesters. It seems unlikely that the protesters will face the same treatment.

By Liam Donovan
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