Prominent Vaccine Advocate Dies Shortly after ‘Turbo Cancer’ Diagnosis

A prominent vaccine advocate has died shortly after being diagnosed with “turbo cancer.”

59-year-old Kevin Mitnick was one of the world’s most notorious hackers.

In recent years, Mitnick used his notoriety to promote experimental Covid-19 vaccines, calling on the public to get injected with the Big Pharma jabs for “the greater good.”

However, Mitnick died this week following a short battle with cancer.

The news comes amid soaring reports of new cancers being diagnosed.

The tumors are bigger than ever and they seem to grow very aggressively, spread very rapidly, and are extremely resistant to treatment.

Experts have dubbed the phenomenon “turbo-cancer.”

Cancer pathologists around the world are reporting that people who have previous cancers which were in remission are flaring up since their shots because of the damage to their immune system by the Covid shots.

Mitnick was arrested by the FBI in 1995 on charges he committed wire fraud after “breaking into the computer systems of several major corporations,” according to a 2007 article from Wired.

“The case bestowed upon Mitnick a sort of antihero status while raising the consciousness of hacking and computer security in the general population,” Wired reported at the time.

After spending over five years in prison, Mitnick transformed his life to become a renowned “white hat” cybersecurity expert and consultant helping companies find vulnerabilities in their systems.

Mitnick’s Twitter timeline documented his immense fear of Covid.

During the pandemic, he posted pro-lockdown statements, chastising people for visiting their families during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Mitnick’s Twitter timeline also chronicled his hope and expectation the Covid vaccine would get things back to normal.

“Such great news from Pfizer about a 90%+ effective Covid vaccine,” Mitnick tweeted as the two companies prepared to launch their respective experimental mRNA jabs.

“So happy that lives will be saved and hopefully the world can go back to normal.

“Thank you Pfizer and BioNTech!”

He also encouraged others to take the jab, demonstrating his trust in the medical establishment’s new vaccine.

Reports revealed Mitnick died after a “battle with pancreatic cancer.”

While no official cause of Mitnick’s cancer was given, the Covid vaccine is more frequently being blamed for an increase in cancer diagnosis.

Top doctors are asserting the jabs are a major driving factor behind “turbo cancer.”

Mitnick sadly leaves behind his wife, Kimberly, and their unborn son.

Could the pancreatic cancer that Kevin Mitnick developed, like with so many others, be linked to the Covid jab?

By Hunter Fielding
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8 months ago

Whenever they say “it’s for the greater good”, remind them that freedom is the greater good. Forcing experimental injections on people is evil. (See WW2 for examples.) Mitnick, you reap what you sow.

RJ O'Guillory
RJ O'Guillory
8 months ago

…yeah…well…my heart bleeds for this guy. Trying to shame and guilt others into his own suicidal ideation effort is not something for which I have a lot of sympathy. Perhaps had he not been so arrogant, or bought off…he would have considered what he was doing was immoral. Now he deals with the Karma…too bad. The guy helped to kill my brother and sister, as well as several friends so far, so I hope his death was eye-opening to him. I had a friend declared cancer-free from lung cancer after a year of fighting. On Halloween of 2021 he was cancer free, but forced to take the shots. By the middle of November he was in surgery as they tried to remove parts of his colon which had exploded in cancer. He was dead by December. This guy helped kill him, so I have no sympathy.

8 months ago

what a dumbass.

8 months ago

Where/how can I get a list of all pills these two murderous companies ( Pfizer and BioNTech) sell? I know a class action suit against them will go nowhere because of all the blood money they’ve collected, so a boycott of all their products might make a dent. Knowledge is powerful…

The True Nolan
The True Nolan
8 months ago

Well, that is a happy ending. Mitnick has died “for the greater good.” Sucks to be Mitnick though…

My healthy brother took the jab and developed turbo kidney cancer. He is still alive and fighting it though.

One of my closest friends (also healthy) took the jab and developed turbo leukemia. He’s dead now.

One thing I will say for Mitnick though. Just like Jim Jones, he drank his own Kool Aid.

8 months ago


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