President Donald Trump Reveals Texas Governor Abbott Is Absolutely on His List of Potential Vice Presidential Picks

Former President Donald Trump has announced a potential running mate for the upcoming election cycle.

During a visit to the Southern border on February 29th, Trump informed reporters that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is “absolutely” being considered for the position.

President Trump made these remarks during a shared interview with Mr. Abbott and host Sean Hannity at Eagle Pass.

He praised the Texas governor as a “spectacular man” and highlighted his efforts to secure the border amidst the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration.

The top Republican contender in the 2024 presidential race expressed feeling “honored” by Mr. Abbott’s endorsement for president late last year.

“And he’s done a great job,” President Trump said.

“Yeah, certainly he would be somebody that I would very much consider,” he added when asked if Mr. Abbott was on his shortlist of potential running mates.

“Absolutely, he is,” President Trump stressed.

Prior to his comments, President Trump toured Eagle Pass, a small border town along the Rio Grande that has been at the center of the current border crisis. He was accompanied by the Texas governor and members of the Texas National Guard.

They also made a visit to Shelby Park, an area recognized as a hotspot for illegal immigration. This location has been embroiled in an ongoing legal dispute between Mr. Abbott and the federal government.

President Trump praised Mr. Abbott’s initiatives for border security, specifically highlighting his administration’s installation of wire fencing along the Rio Grande.

In recent years, Abbott’s border and immigration policies have garnered national attention. He has advocated for Texas to finance border barriers, continuing a Trump-era policy.

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Abbott has allocated billions in state funds for border enforcement, deploying the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety troopers for policing.

Additionally, he has allocated millions for transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities. Abbott has also challenged the Biden administration by denying Border Patrol access to a boat ramp along the Rio Grande.

“He really stepped it up. It’s been amazing.” President Trump said of the governor. “This is an incredible operation,” he added.

“I’ve already thought about running for reelection again and I can tell you from the people talking to me here today, taking pictures with me today, the same thing I hear every day, governor please stay in Texas, please run again,” Mr. Abbott told CBS News earlier this month.

“That’s what I hear every day from my fellow Texans and that’s what I intend to do.”

President Trump later informed reporters that he would rather see Mr. Abbott stay on as the governor of Texas to persist in his border security initiatives.

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By Hunter Fielding
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