Politico: Epstein’s Child Trafficking Ring Is a ‘MAGA Conspiracy Theory’

Left-wing corporate media outlet Politico has claimed that allegations regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking rings are just “MAGA conspiracy theories.”

The liberal publication is accusing conservatives of being “obsessed” with “conspiracy theories” surrounding pedophile Epstein, the Clintons, and child trafficking.

Politico published an article Tuesday downplaying details of Epstein’s trafficking enterprise.

The article is titled: “Pizzagate, QAnon and the ‘Epstein List’: Why the Far Right Is Obsessed with Sex Trafficking.”

The article began by accusing conservatives of misunderstanding the latest court documents from Epstein’s accusers detailing his years-long trafficking racket and individuals who may have been involved.

Per the article:

A day before the so-called Epstein list was supposed to drop, far-right conspiracy theorists buzzed with excitement over the expectation that it would crucify prominent figures on the left for their involvement in sex trafficking. It’s a wildly popular notion in that world, where Pizzagate and QAnon fantasies run rampant.

The truth, of course, was far different: The material made public in federal court last week, with more now being released, wasn’t some kind of Jeffrey Epstein client list, as had been speculated online. It was actually documents from a court case filed by one of Epstein’s victims that did include people’s names, but provided little new information on whether they knew of or participated in Epstein’s heinous crimes.

Author Mike Rothschild acknowledged in the piece that although Epstein himself was indeed involved in sex trafficking, that doesn’t mean that people he surrounded himself with — which included the Clintons — were also involved.

Of course, most of the people who were associated with Epstein had nothing to do with what he was doing. Some of them may have known about it, some of them may have looked the other way. And they certainly have a lot of hard questions to answer about their associations with Epstein and what they knew. But just because a person had a meeting with Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t make them part of sex trafficking rings. But it’s very easy to point at all of these people and say, ‘They’re all working together. They’re all hiding the same things. They’re all doing the same horrible things. And we’re the only people who will talk about it.’

Rothschild went on to claim that decades of Republican efforts to “bring down” the Clintons are the reason they’re tied in with Epstein and child trafficking “conspiracy theories.”

“I think it really ties back to this industry of conspiracy theories about the Clintons. I think they really feel like this will be the thing that brings down Bill and Hillary Clinton. They’re still obsessed with the Clintons,” he said.

“The Clinton conspiracy industry started in the early 90s. It started with stuff like Whitewater, Travelgate, stuff that is ancient history now,” he continued. “But there was a really well-funded, very organized and popular effort to bring the Clintons down. And then of course, it resulted in the impeachment, it resulted in the dump truck full of conspiracies about Hillary Clinton when she ran for president.”

“And even though they’re not really in the public eye much anymore, it’s so prolific that conspiracy theorists have stuck with them because they know what works. They’re just like a classic rock band playing the hits,” Rothschild said, adding the Epstein files wouldn’t have received nearly as much attention if the Clintons “weren’t involved.”

Rothschild also accused prominent conservative figures like Infowars founder Alex Jones and former White House strategist Steve Bannon of perpetuating “misinformation” about Epstein and child trafficking.

Twitter and people like Alex Jones and people like Steve Bannon, they have an alternative media ecosystem. These are not fringe people anymore. This is not the guy standing outside the football stadium waving a sign about the end is coming. This is a massive industry. You’ve got billions of dollars being pumped into misinformation, into these products, into these podcasts, into these books. It’s a job for a lot of these people, and they’re very good at it. They spread this stuff very quickly. They know it doesn’t matter whether it’s real or not, their audience doesn’t care.

The reality is suspicions about Clinton’s involvement in child trafficking originated earlier than Epstein or the bizarre WikiLeaks “Podesta Emails” that were leaked in 2016.

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The following events are documented facts.

Hillary and Bill Clinton in 2010 provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, which resulted in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

Silsby, founder of New Life Children’s Refuge charity, and other members of the group had been caught trying to smuggle 33 Haitian children out of the country without documentation.

Silsby’s lawyer Jorge Puello was later arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti.

Hillary Clinton consulted with Counselor Cheryl Mills and other attorneys in an email discussing the U.S. government’s “options” regarding the arrested Americans.

Hillary Clinton’s emails had mentioned Silsby’s NGO many times in the years prior.

But there are also very specific links between the Clintons and Epstein.

First, flight logs reveal Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” at least 26 times.

Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre also testified that she saw Clinton numerous times on Epstein’s island in the Virgin Islands, and a former White House intern for Clinton corroborated that claim.

A painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress was found in Epstein’s Manhattan residence during an FBI raid in 2019.

And Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell — who is currently serving 20 years in federal prison for her role in Epstein’s trafficking ring — even attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

These are compelling data points that certainly bolster reasonable suspicions about the Clintons.

But rather than probe into Epstein’s trafficking enterprise, his ties to powerful individuals, and why sex trafficking has ballooned into a $150 billion industry, Politico is more intent on smearing conservatives as whackos pushing “conspiracy theories” and running interference for anybody who was associated with Epstein.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Keep draging your feet, trump & the white hats!

Alls your doing is making everyone look Stupid!

Get off your ass, or get out of our lives.

1 month ago

Just Ignore the testimony of girls who were trafficked underage! Ignore their suffering. Pay no attention to their claims of being forced to have sex…with Princes and the rich and famous! After all, it’s just Right-Wing nonsense.
How dare they accuse the unassailable Elite!
COVER UP. And we know it.

1 month ago

More than one girl saw Clinton there, overall there are 36 girls testifying the same things. One of them says there are tapes of Clinton R-ing girls. The only reason they always mention Virginia is because she allowed her name to be revealed.

1 month ago

Anything that makes a progressive politician, donor or media look bad – as if they need any help – is a conspiracy theory. The fact that Epstein’s pedophile client list and flight logs exist is proof that it’s not the conservatives obsessed with conspiracy theories. It’s those pedophiles who have an obsession with your children.

The world is upside down when the media chase and continue to push the disproved theory that Donald Trump is a Russian agent and offers up the facts of the Epstein pedophile list as somehow a right wing conspiracy theory.

Wake up!

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