Police in Oakland, California Encouraging Residents to Combat Armed Criminals With Air Horns

Crime is on the rise in Oakland, California, currently presenting a significant challenge for the local police.

Residents are deeply angered by the perceived negligence of their Soros-backed District Attorney for allowing the situation to get this bad.

The city’s police department is currently advising residents to combat crime by using air horns.

This is beyond ridiculous!

They now want us to fight armed criminals by using air horns…

As reported by CNN:

Air horns and moving trucks: How Oakland, California, residents are facing a surge in crime

After 60-year-old retiree David Schneider was shot and killed here while trimming a tree in his yard, his neighbor, Toni Bird, said she retreated indoors.

“People aren’t feeling safe out of their house,” she said. “It makes sense that you would want to protect your house then, right? You would barricade it.”

Amid a surge in crime in Oakland, California, police have advised residents to use air horns to alert neighbors to intruders and add security bars to their doors and windows.

Bird, who moved to Oakland 2 1/2 years ago, said she took their advice to heart. She now has three air horns and five security cameras around her home.

“The types of crime that we’re seeing feel much more violent and the consequences feel much more severe,” she said. “And it feels like the people that are being targeted are people who are vulnerable.”

California is in serious trouble.

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By Hunter Fielding
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