Philadelphia Student Calls for Martyrdom, Praises Jihad in Disturbing Video

Philadelphia’s Leaders Academy hosted a cultural day event on May 7. During the event, a student named Raneem Mustafa shared her thoughts on Palestine in a video posted on the academy’s YouTube channel.

As per a translation by MEMRI, Mustafa praised Jihad as the “hpinnacle of Islam” and praised the “martyrdom” of the people of Gaza.

Mustafa stated that the men of Gaza have shown her what “real men” are and that “real sacrifice” is sacrificing their souls and children for the sake of their homeland.

As previously reported by MEMRI:

Mustafa: “The tragedy of our people in Gaza is grave. Lives are lost and there is total destruction. We are going through the most significant days, in which the pinnacle of Islam is realized – Jihad for the sake of Allah to elevate Truth.

This is a path followed by the people of Gaza on behalf of the entire nation. They are saying to Allah day and night: ‘Oh Lord, take our souls until You are satisfied.’

This clearly shows that these are people who love life – the martyrs are alive, and are sustained by their Lord.

“Gaza is teaching us that real men are revealed in times of hardship, when all the masks are removed, and that the Islamic nation’s glory will only be achieved through faith and principles, that real sacrifice is sacrificing one’s soul and one’s children for the sake of the homeland, and that the occupiers are cowards who can fight only when there are no real men on the battlefield.

They inherited this from their forefathers about whom Allah said [in the Quran]: ‘They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls.’

“The people of Gaza have taught us a lot. We ask ourselves, ‘What are the women of Gaza made of?’ when we see them wallowing in the blood of their children, screaming: ‘Oh Allah, accept them as sacrifices for the Al-Aqsa Mosque.’”

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MEMRI reported that the Philadelphia chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS) had previously posted videos from the Leaders Academy’s “One Ummah Day” events in 2017 and 2019. These videos showed young students singing “Chop off their heads!” and expressing their desire to become martyrs for Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

After facing criticism for the 2023 incident, MEMRI stated that the organization has implemented a “process” to avoid similar “unintended mistakes” in the future, as reported by the organization itself.


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By Hunter Fielding
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6 days ago

Who knows who or what is in our nation now.
Look where our openness and acceptance has gotten us! Death to America!
The vicious attacks on our homeland will begin soon.
Be ready.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
6 days ago
Reply to  ;^)

They have all, not just Muslims, but Hispanics from points south of our border, Asians from the far eastern nations, and Africans, have been saying that out loud, in public for DECADES now! Why is it no one noticed until now???

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
6 days ago

“Real men”, who HIDE behind women, children, and the elderly??? THIS is “hate speech” inciting to violence as a “good” thing! This woman should be ashamed of herself, but instead believes she is “raised up” somehow, for doing this. How terribly sad is that, for her and all those dying to protect those “real men” she praises??? The “real” men and women are the IDF troops going up against a deadly enemy AND global “opinion” from those who have not lived with the frequent murderous attacks from those cowards she calls “real men”! This woman was raised on a diet of hate and lies, and it shows plainly here; but she’s an adult now, and has not chosen to recognize and reject those lies and hates as invalid, which now makes her also culpable for them!

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