Pfizer Caught Funneling $10 Million to Anderson Cooper to Promote mRNA Jabs to the American Public

Pfizer has funneled a whopping $10 million dollars into the bank account of CNN host Anderson Cooper as part of a deal to promote the company’s toxic mRNA jabs to the American public.

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the majority of Cooper’s CNN salary comes from Pfizer, a fact that remains unknown to many.

He claims that around $10 million of Cooper’s $12 million annual salary is directly sourced from Pfizer.

“Anderson Cooper has a $12 million a year annual salary,” Kennedy stated. “Well, $10 million of that is coming from Pfizer.”

“So, his boss is not CNN. His boss is Pfizer. And they’re unashamed about it. They’re unabashed about it. They say on his program ‘brought to you by Pfizer.’ Of course, he’s not going to tell you the truth about Pfizer’s product. He’s going to try to sell it to you. He’s going to try to scare the hell out of you by saying, ‘If you don’t take this, you’re going to die,’” he continued.

Cooper is hardly the only mainstream media whore peddling drugs on his viewers in exchange for cash.

Most of the corporate media are beholden to Big Pharma as a financial lifeline, hence why the bulk of media commercial breaks these days are advertisements promoting the latest drugs.

For many years, even Fox News has been pushing the latest pharmaceutical drugs in between media segments.

Even though Fox tends to lean more conservative, or at least used to, it is still paid by the same people that run CNN to report the “news.”

What this means, of course, is that there really is no left versus right, or Republican versus conservative, when the likes of Pfizer is controlling what gets said.

Whether right-leaning or left-leaning, all it really is behind the smokescreen is one single uniparty pushing dangerous drugs on viewers.

“The media in our country is an extension of the pharmaceutical industry,” Kennedy said.

“Seventy-five percent of advertising revenues now on the mainstream media are now coming from pharma, and that ratio is even higher for the evening news because the evening news is where you see pharmaceuticals advertised,” he added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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