Peter Doocy Gives Karine Jean-Pierre a Reality Check, Asks ‘Who Was in Charge of Congress on Day 1?’

Fox News’s Peter Doocy gave White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre a reality check on Tuesday as the White House attempted to blame Republicans for the border crisis.

During a press briefing, Doocy explained, “So you guys talk a lot, including today, about how the border wouldn’t be such a big deal if Congress would’ve just passed your immigration bill on Day 1.”

“Who was in charge of Congress on Day 1?” Doocy wondered.

Jean-Pierre danced around the question by refusing to directly answer who was in charge of Congress on Day 1, which were the Democrats.

“Look this is a difficult issue, obviously, and what we have said is that Congress has to act,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

Jean-Pierre claimed that Republicans have “used immigration as a political stunt, that’s what they’ve done.”

Doocy interrupted and pressed, “So, the Democrats who were in charge the first two years, no responsibility?”

Jean-Pierre then replied, “I’m not saying that Democrats have not been in control the first two years, that’s not what I’m saying.”

“What I’m saying is House Republicans have got in the way, they have… purposefully gotten in the way in trying to fix what is happening at the border,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

Earlier today, X CEO Elon Musk responded to a clip that showed Joe Biden insisting that “The only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump.”

“You are being gaslit,” Musk quipped.

By Liam Donovan
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