Perth Police Officer’s Challenge to Vaccine Mandate Fails in Supreme Court Ruling

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of Western Australia dismissed a challenge to the vaccine mandate brought against the West Australian Police Commissioner.

The challenge was initiated by WA Police officer Ben Falconer and Police staff member Les Finlay, who argued that the Commissioner did not have the authority to order employees to be vaccinated against Covid as a condition of employment.

However, the Court found that the vaccine mandate was “valid and lawful.” This decision will have implications for over a dozen WA Police officers and staff who were stood down when the vaccine directive was implemented in December 2021.

Falconer, who describes himself as “pro-choice,” expressed disappointment with the decision and believes it serves as a warning to those who seek justice and bodily autonomy. He expects to be dismissed from the Police Force as a result of the ruling.

Another officer, Senior Constable Lance French, questioned the extent to which employers can infringe on employees’ bodily autonomy and voiced concerns about potential future mandates.

Both Falconer and French emphasized the importance of voting carefully in upcoming elections to protect individual liberties.

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By Kate Stephenson
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