Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro: ‘Trump’s Got to Quit Whining and Stop Sh*t-Talking America’

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (D-PA) stated during an interview on MSNBC’s “Inside” on Monday that former President Donald Trump should stop “sh*t-talking” the United States.

Discussing voters, Shapiro said: “They want to be led by someone who is honest and decent — someone who’s actually on their side like Joe Biden. All they hear from Donald Trump is a whole bunch of whining about this country. And I think Donald Trump’s got to quit whining, go to quit trying to divide us.”

“I mean, consider this, Jen. We’re producing more energy than anyone before in this nation. We have the strongest economy in the world and we are beating China for the first time in decades. More people went to work this morning in America than any other time in our nation’s history,” he added.

“So, I got a message to Donald Trump and all of his negativity and whining: stop sh*t-talking America,” he continued. “This is the greatest country on Earth and it’s time that we all start acting like it.”

“The good people of Pennsylvania understand that this is a great country, understand that we got a whole lot going for us. And not it’s time for us to continue this path of progress that Joe Biden has laid out and not go back to a negative time, not listen to the whining of the former president, and instead, focus on a positive future for all of us,” Shapiro said.


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By Hunter Fielding
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7 days ago

This is an absurd statement…
“… someone who’s actually on their side like Joe Biden.”
Joe is on your side ONLY if:
1) you are an illegal alien,
2) your name is Zelinski,
3) or, you’re Commie Scum!

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